Toronto Fringe Festival Coverage on Mooney on Theatre

by Megan Mooney

The 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival is coming up (at an alarmingly quick rate I might add) and you are probably wondering what we’ll be doing here at Mooney on Theatre.

The  festival runs June 30 – July 11, 2010, and as with last year, you can expect contests and reviews galore (in fact, we have the ambitious goal of reviewing all 150 shows this year, cross your fingers for us) on Mooney on Theatre during that time.

Other stuff you can expect to see during Fringe on Mooney on Theatre includes:

– Daily ‘Fringe Buzz’ articles, outlining what we’re hearing in the line-ups, the Fringe club, comments on our reviews and twitter.  Since Fringe Festivals really are about word-of-mouth stuff, we’re trying to consolidate that information a bit.

– Friday roundup/recommendations based on a combination of the experiences of MoT writers, and the information in the ‘Fringe Buzz’ articles

– Full press releases published, since sometimes it’s pretty hard to determine much about the show from the little blurb in the program. 

– Although not technically *on* Mooney on Theatre, there will be fringe tweeting galore, so follow @mooneyontheatre

Here’s what we’d love from you:

– Leave comments on reviews of shows letting us know what *you* thought.  Our review is only one opinion, and I’d love to have several opinions per show showing up.

– If you’re going to be tweeting your Fringe experience don’t forget to use the hashtag #fringeTO.  That way everyone (including us) can hear about your experiences.


Happy Fringeing everyone!