Dating in a Disposable World: Toronto 2010 Fringe Preview

From Press Release

Catch Australian performer’s edgy 21st cabaret production at the Toronto Fringe Festival – July 2010

We live in a society where things are not meant to last. Where mobile phones break the day after warranty, people buy new clothes when a button pops, a new car when the ashtray is full… does that include relationships? Dating in a Disposable World is an edgy, 21st century Cabaret that explores life, love, heart-break and outrageously high romantic expectations in our hedonistic world.

Set in the throwaway and pleasure- seeking culture of the “now”, Dating in a Disposable World is a modern translation of the Inuit myth- Skeleton Woman. It is a show that looks at the hopes for permanence in relationship through theatre and song. With original songs written by Rod Christian, Zalia Joi, David Hyams and Stardust & Heaven it also includes the KISS classic I was Made for Loving You and a contemporary interpretation of Purcell’s Dido’s Lament.

“For the whole 80-minute of this solo performance in a cabaret setting, not a glass chinked nor a crisp crunched, the audience were held totally mesmerised. Zalia appears to have a vocal range from alto to soprano, delivering every note with strength and purity. Accompanied considerately by Rod Christian – there was no heavy handed piano playing, just the right volume of harmony tones to complement the singing. Despite Zalia Joi having most competently written, sung, acted, delivered humour and story in this production, one still feels that the genius that we saw is only the tip of an iceberg of immense talent.” Review, Theatre Australia October 2009

“My goal is to create inspirational pieces that are entertaining and transformational, helping to lift the spirit of our community,” says writer and performer Joi. “My wish is that the people who come and see the show can be stimulated on some level to love themselves and their loved ones just that little bit more… to help people question what love really is, and when love seems to fade how to let go easily.”

Presented by Ren’e’sonz Performance Company, Dating in a Disposable World will be performed at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, Toronto during the Fringe Festival.

Dating In a Disposable World
Written and performed by Zalia Joi

Musical Director& Accompanist Rod Christian

HELEN GARDINER PHELAN PLAYHOUSE – 79A St. George Street (South of Harbord).

Dates: July 1st at 10:30pm; July 2nd at 3pm; July 4 at 5pm; July 5th at 4:30pm; July 6th at 8:15pm; July 7th at 1:45pm; July 9th at 7pm

Tickets: $10