Lambs In Winter: Toronto 2010 Fringe Preview

From Press Release

Seen “The Graduate” and the “Big Chill” ?………Then you need to see “Lambs In Winter”.

Riverslea Productions As part of Toronto Fringe Summer Festival 2010  Presents

Lambs In Winter

Directed by Julian Nicholson and featuring Barbara Worthy (as Katherine)

What ever became of the ‘flower power children’ of the Bob Dylan generation?  Rock and folk dominated their lives and JFK, Pierre Trudeau and Martin Luther King were their heroes. This was the generation that was going to change the world.  “Lambs in Winter” is a – take no prisoners – dramatic comedy about three close friends from the 60’s.  It will resonate with and is a must see for every boomer and their first born.

Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and the Beatles opened the eyes, ears and minds for the 80 million young North Americans born between 1946 and 1964 – the baby boomers.  Ray Rivers writes the concluding chapter on that generation with this play about love and loyalty, greed and generosity, trust and truthfulness.  The innocent idealists of the 60’s must confront the harsh realities of ‘real’ life as they approach the winter of their lives in the age of Obama.

(Adult scenes and language – not recommended for children)

Lambs In Winter

The Bathurst St. Theatre (736 Bathurst St.)

Show Times (90min) PM

Wed     June 30 @ 6:30          Fri       July 2 @ 10:30

Sun      July 4  @ 1:15           Mon     July 5  @  8:15

Tues    July 6  @ 1:00           Fri        July 9  @  5:15

Sun      July 11 @ 7:00

Tickets $10 at the door – Advance bookings (Fringe Hotline) 416-966-1062

Online bookings/Fringe Passes (after June 5):

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