The Silent City: Toronto 2010 Fringe Preview

Stagehands set to rock Fringe 2010 with a ‘Bring Your Own Venue’ production of  THE SILENT CITY

THE SILENT CITY is a Broadway-Rock Musical written and performed by Toronto band Stagehands. The musicians double as actors and the production is also rock concert.  The venue is Kensington Market’s rock/theatre bar Bread and Circus, home to last year’s BYOV hit ‘My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding‘.

THE SILENT CITY is the story of Stan, a lonely and frustrated musician who travels to Laconia, the Land of Entertainment, in search of an audience, and maybe even fame.  Instead, he finds a city whose celebrity citizens are forced to wear identical masks by the all-powerful Mayor.  What follows is a dramatic struggle between Stan and the Mayor for the fate of Laconia and its people.

The energetic and all-original music is the lifeblood of THE SILENT CITY, ranging from pop, 60’s surf, dance, rock, and even a sea-chantey. Stagehands are offering a free download of the soundtrack at alongside a CD and special edition package.

The show is directed by Evan Tsitsias,  a member of the 2009 Lincoln Centre Director’s Lab in New York City, who has previously directed the Canadian premiere of ‘Edges’ for Acting Up Stage, the Canadian and U.S. premieres of ‘A Perfect Life’, ‘Chandelierva’ for the New York Fringe, ‘Burn This!’ for Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, and ‘Footloose’ for Rose Theatre.

Presented by Stagehands
As part of Fringe 2010

Written by Stagehands • Directed by Evan Tsitsias • Choreographed by Stephen Low
Set design by Eva Yenovkian • Lighting design by Kelly Read • Costume design by Geoff Stevens
Starring Justine Moritz, Marko Pandza, Nemanja Protic, Geoff Stevens, David Yenovkian & Mackenzie Zufelt
Bread and Circus, 299 Augusta Avenue (Kensington Market, just south of College)

Wednesday, June 30 @ 8:30 pm
Thursday, July 1 @ 6:45 pm
Friday, July 2 @ 5 pm
Saturday Jul 3 @ 8:30 pm
Sunday July 4 @ 6:45 pm
Monday July 5 @ 6:45 pm
Wednesday July 7 @ 6:45 pm
Thursday July 8 @ 5 pm
Friday July 9 @ 8:30 pm
Saturday July 10 @ 6:45 pm
Sunday Jul 11 @ 5 pm

All tickets $10 at the door, or book in advance by calling the Fringe Hotline at 416.966.1062 or online at Fringe Passes are also available after June 5, 2010, for more info visit

For more info and to download the free soundtrack please visit