Toronto Theatre's 2010 Dora Mavor Moore Awards are tonight

By Megan Mooney

Okay, as usual there is controversy around the Dora Awards this year, although this year it seems a bit more bitter than usual.  If you don’t know what’s happening and are curious, check out my article about it.

But hopefully, tonight, all that controversy can be left behind.  Hopefully tonight we can celebrate all the good works that are nominated for awards tonight, and celebrate the theatre community in this city.

The truth is everybody works their asses off in this industry.  No one gets into theatre because it’s ‘easy’.  And, although no award is perfect, it provides a great opportunity to remind everyone about all the work and love and passion that goes into the industry.  In fact, the fact that people care enough to create controversy is a nice reminder of how much passion there is.

The Doras and the Harolds are both important to the theatre industry.  So, for today, lets put aside the controversy, there’s nothing that can be done now anyway. 

Let’s let the nominees enjoy their time to shine.  Whether or not you think they’re the best choice, there’s no denying that it took a hell of a lot of work to get to this point, and they shouldn’t have to have this moment minimized.

Congratulations everyone, I hope you enjoy your night!