What to see at Toronto Fringe 2020 – Sunday July 4 – Fringe Buzz

By Sam Mooney

Wondering which Toronto Fringe shows to see?

We’re here to help.  Usually I get my Fringe buzz from people in line but that hasn’t happened yet this year.  Two reasons:

  • I seem to have been running late for everything so I haven’t actually has an opportunity to line up
  • Today is just too hot to troll line ups

I was in the line for Lucky 9 on Wednesday – right at the back – and ended up talking with Barry Smith (Me, My Stuff and I: A Multimedia Comedy) and Keir Cutler (Teaching Shakespeare) who were waiting to see Lucky 9. It seems to me that fringe performers waiting to see another fringe performer is a good sign. And Lucky 9 was terrific!

Here are the shows people are talking about on Twitter and in the comments on Mooney on Theatre.

Most tweets: Die Roten Punkte – KUNST ROCK (ART ROCK) playing at the Bathurst Street Theatre
“I really really liked those WACKY GERMANS today !! I am still chuckling!! Die Rotenne Punke”
“Die rotene punke FUN FUN FUN !!!”
“Sooooo Happy I finally got to see Die Rotene Punke- HILARIOUS & Aisanploitation”
“Today’s fav? Die Roten Punkte. Their rock ballads were simultaneously sensitive and seat wetting funny.”

Based on those – add Die Roten Punkte to your must see list.

More tweets and comments from Mooney on Theatre:

Wasn’t Cactus AMAZING?

The Centre of Everything Civilised was BEAUTIFUL

Just saw Word! Sound! Powah! @ #fringeTO. Dub poetry, Jamaican politics & powerhouse performance from d’bi young.

The Shakespeare Show. If you’re going to be anti-Stratfordian at least be funny like these two! Great script and huge energy

The Getaway is this year’s big experiment. It pays off. Get there early, only 5 seats per show (all with working seat belts)

Act Now! is a musical about A) finding true love; B) 60 mins; C) infomercials; D) all of the above. Plus best cameo ever. 10/10

Like Bees and Honey – …a dramatic and refreshing change from all the comedic entries this year at Fringe. Believable yet crazy acting by Melissa (A. Magwood)and Bacca (S.Williamson). Totally recommend! My fave of the day

Killing Game is an excellent production, likely the most ambitious I have seen in a Fringe environment. you must get out and see it. The huge cast and distinct characters they play are just hilarious and moving. I absolutely loved this show. Smart, funny, theatrical, and sharp.

The Last Buffalo The actor chemistry was great. Must say all three up on stage it looked like they have been working together for years. The uncle was outstanding! The writing was great, i thought it was a perfect balance between making think about life and having a laugh! Cant wait to see some other fringe shows but i for sure would put this one on your must see!

The Whores is intense and really well acted

Barflies and 2 Man No Show = darn fine comedy

I can vouch for 2-Man N0-Show-2, I saw it this afternoon and laughed so much that my stomach hurt.

What have you seen?  What would you recommend?

You can visit the Fringe site for more information about venues and show times.