[Sponsored Article] Baobab Youth Theatre Group present African Women are Strong as the Baobab Tree

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to see a Baobab Tree before.  My first encounter was on paper in The Little Prince where they were described as "Trees as big as castles".  When I first saw one in real life I was blown away.  I was somewhere around 7 years old, and completely blown away.  They are huge and beautiful.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this picture

So, it’s no surprise that the Baobab Tree is used to evoke a powerful image of strength.  It’s an image that has drawn me into this play, African Women are as Strong as the Baobab Tree.  I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but I really want to (as you may have noticed in the ‘Eye catching theatre’ post from last week).

The piece is an original Canadian production by Sauro Agostinho that "chronicles the life of an African woman as she endures and survives an abusive relationship at hands of her husband. Her resilience is seen through her ability to provide for her family on a meagre income and with little to no financial support from her estranged husband."

The press release tells us "African Women are as Strong as the Baobab Tree is a call to arms to inspire and mobilize women of all cultures. Although an African story, this piece highlights serious women’s issues that are part of a universal struggle for all women."

Check this one out!


African Women are Strong as the Baobab Tree plays at the Berkeley Street Theatre (26 Berkeley St) until October 2, 2010

– Showtimes are Wednesdays – Saturdays at 8pm with 2pm matinees on Saturdays

– Ticket prices range from $15 – $25 – call 416.368.3110 or www.canadianstage.com or in person to reserve.


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