The Progressive Polygamists: the Sweetest Reformers – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

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Two Wrongs That Write Present; a satirical comedy…

The Progressive Polygamists: the Sweetest Reformers

What would it be like if your best friend was your sister-in-law, AND your husband’s wife?

Join these sweet “sister wives” from a BC polygamist society, in this satirical comedy, as they “reform” their way across Canada – revealing their side of polygamy, the real side. “WE ARE HERE TO GIVE YOU THE FACTS!” Through audience participation, Polygamist research, character mash ups, jump rope, history, and song, the Progressive Polygamists shine a new light on this topical and controversial community, that leaves audiences wondering the right and wrongs of polygamy and its role in Canadian society today.

Let there be no doubt though, that this show is a full throttle, interactive, intensely sweet comedy, that has been stylistically compared to the work of Daniel MacIvor and the best of SNL’s female comedians. In all certainty, the Toronto Fringe Festival audience will be in  hysterics over the antics and highjinx from two of Vancouver’s most promising upcoming performers, Emmelia Gordon and Pippa
Mackie, as the loveable “sister wives,” Mercy Eve and Eden Grace. Destined to be a hit of the festival, Toronto fans of comedy and theatre will not want to miss this rare opportunity to see this exciting new work.

“Original topic, deeply rooted in BC” – National Theatre School Board members Tucked safely away in the Creston Valley of British Columbia is Canada’s most controversial community. Now, in 2011, with more than 1,000 members living in Bountiful, the B.C. Supreme Court will weigh the evidence and make the decision to either “legalize polygamy or strengthen the 120-year prohibition against plural marriage.” The Genesis of the case is thus; longstanding allegations of child brides, sexual exploitation, forced marriage, abuse of public funds and human trafficking to neighbouring Utah communities. Performers Emmelia Gordon and Pippa Mackie are among the first to bring this topic to the stage. By genuinely playing two child brides from the Bountiful community they allow a closer look at
Canada’s best kept religious secret.

“This ‘REFORMANCE’ will warm even the coldest of hearts” – Trusted Audience Member

In it’s first year of productions: The Progressive Polygamists have already won a B.C. Buds Festival main stage spot, and the Cultural and Artistic Leadership Program Grant from the National Theatre School of Canada for their original work and cultural leadership. Both originally from British Columbia, Studio 58 Graduate and Jessie Award recipient Emmelia Gordon and National Theatre School
Graduate Pippa Mackie, co-created the company Two Wrongs That Write in association with their show The Progressive Polygamists: the Sweetest Reformers. The real importance of the show became clear after Emmelia and Pippa attended the court case in Vancouver at B.C’s Supreme Court. They embark on a cross Canada tour this summer, where they are performing at the Toronto, Saskatoon and Vancouver FRINGE festivals.

Two Wrongs That Write present The Progressive Polygamists: the Sweetest Reformers | Opening July 9th, 9:15pm | As part of the Toronto Fringe Festival July 6 – 17, 2011 | Venue #6 – The George Ignatieff Theatre | 15 Devonshire Place | Tickets $10 | Full Details
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Saturday, July 9 @ 9:15 PM
Sunday, July 10 @ 4:45 PM
Wednesday, July 13 @ 7:30 PM
Thursday, July 14 @ 5:45 PM
Friday, July 15 @ Noon
Saturday, July 16 @ 11:30 PM
Sunday, July 17 @ Noon
All performances at Venue #6 – The George Ignatieff Theatre
15 Devonshire Place

Venue #6 – The George Ignatieff Theatre |15 Devonshire Place | July.6 – 17, 2011 | Opening July 9th, 9:15pm | Tickets
$10 | Toronto Fringe Festival | More info at
This CALP project was made possible through the financial support of the Nation Theatre School of Canada.