Toronto Fringe 2011 – What’s Playing?

So, the Toronto Fringe Festival starts next week (July 6 – 17, 2011 to be precise).  So many shows, so little time.

If you’re like me – and admittedly you may not be – you’ve been hunkering down with a program and reading all the one or two paragraph descriptions of the shows to find out what you want to see the most.  Or, maybe you’re reading those blurbs online.

Either way, they are short, which is great because there are so many of them, but may also leave you wanting a bit more information.  That’s where we come in.

We are publishing all the Toronto Fringe Festival press releases we receive, and have gathered them all together in one big long alphabetical table of contents to help you find out more information.

So, want to find out more about the shows at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival?  Check out our 2011 Press Releases at a Glance page.