Scienceography – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

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Pocket Alchemy presents:
A Toronto Fringe Festival show, July 7-17, 2011

Pocket Alchemy presents the company’s Toronto Fringe Festival dance production in July 2011. Scienceography: dances of physiology, entomology & psychology is comprised of three dances about science by choreographers Brittany Duggan, Susan Kendal and Krista Posyniak.

Scienceography features a dancer-as-physiologist working through a series of “lectures” on various organs, a mayfly flitting through its ephemeral life and a two-in-one woman considering dialectical theory from the inside out.

While none of the Scienceography choreographers is a scientist, they noticed science as a common element in their works. Thus this creative, physical project has involved an enormous amount of curiosity, research and learning for the artists. Teetering on the edge of physical theatre, Scienceography is perfect for theatre lovers wanting to experience what dance is all about at the Fringe, it is equally for those already passionate about dance.

Organ Stories is choreographed and costumed by Susan Kendal, performed by Krista Posyniak, with poetry by Lindsay Zier-Vogel. Featuring large, knitted exo-organs worn on the dancer’s clothes, Organ Stories offers both factual and poetic information about the lungs, uterus, heart and brain. The choreography muses on the mechanics and emotional connotations
of each organ – a whimsical lecture-demo through dance.

The life of a mayfly is as ephemeral as dance. Choreographer Brittany Duggan uses this timesensitive connection in her new dance series Mayfly. Presented in three parts, the life of a mayfly unfolds starting with the vulnerable aquatic stage of the Naiad, to the upbeat, urgent state of the Adult mayfly, with something hovering, almost glowing, in between the two. With design by Berkeley Poole and costumes by Susan Kendal, Mayfly is a delight, each stage a surprise.

Where We Go represents the first choreographic collaboration of Brittany Duggan and Krista Posyniak. The dance arises from ideas of logic and dialectical theory, wrestling with inner tumult as a result of accelerated change. Danced by Susan Kendal with music by Cris Derksen, Where We Go translates a sense of paradox through the complex simplicity of abstract movement.

About Pocket Alchemy
Pocket Alchemy is a Toronto-based dance and creative company that was established by Susan Kendal in 2002 as a vehicle for her integrated dance, text and textile adventures.

Venue: Factory Theatre, 125 Bathurst Street
Tickets: $10.00: 416-966-1062, or at the door (cash only)
Dates & Times: All dates in July 2011: 7th @6:30pm, 9th @11pm, 11th @1pm, 13th @7:30pm,
15th @9:15pm, 16th @12:30pm & 17th @3:30pm