We Few They Many – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

From press release

“…There wasn’t some magical civil rights wizard! Somebody, somewhere fought for it!”

Paper Plaid Theatre presents
by Kat Edwards

A group of Toronto based activists come together during the G20 of 2010. As the events of the summit unfold, so do the personal lives of those involved. This is a story for those of us battling what it means to be young, to desire a future, a family without the foundation of a career or a plan. What it is to be of a media obsessed and politically apathetic generation. What it is to seek justice and change in the midst of a conservative chaos. Can these five activists make being political “cool” again? Can they change the views of those battling against them during the summit, or will the media win out once again? This story is for those of us that have dreams of a more progressive Canada as we slowly succumb to corporatism and rampant privatization.


presented by Paper Plaid Theatre
As part of the Toronto Fringe Festival

Written and Directed by
Kat Edwards

Court, Anthony Gerbrandt, Tennille Read, Rebecca Perry, Harmonie Tower and Andrew Young

Stage Managed by
Reut Shilton

Factory Theatre Mainspace 125 Bathurst Street
(Upstairs through the side door, east on Adelaide)

Wednesday, July 6th @ 8:15pm

Friday, July 8th @ 3:00pm

Monday July 11th @ 10:15pm

Tuesday, July 12th @ 6:30pm

Wednesday, July 13th @ 5:15pm

Friday, July 15th @ 12:00pm

Sunday, July 17th @ 7:00pm

All tickets $10 at the door,
Or $12 in advance as of June 15th by calling the Fringe Hotline at 416.966.1062 or online at
www.fringetoronto.com. The Fringe Box office will open for in person sales on July 6th Honest Ed’s parking lot behind the store located at Bathurst and Bloor. Fringe Pass available after June 5, 2011, for more info visit www.fringetoronto.com