Advertise with MoT for the rest of Fringe – Bargain Basement Prices…

So, I’ve been too busy getting set up for Fringe to do anything about advertising during Fringe on Mooney on Theatre this year.  But I really really want to have local advertizing on Mooney on Theatre instead of Google Ads.  Google ads is make me a surprising amount of money, apparently I have a really good click-through rate, but I don’t have the control I want.  I want to feature local businesses and arts organizations if I can.

Mooney on Theatre is completely volunteer run, but our ads pay for administrative costs (hosting, publicity stuff, business cards etc).

This would be an excellent time to advertise printing services, headshots, rehersal spaces, upcoming shows, general arts organizations and companies things like that.

With that in mind, I’m offering super super super cheap prices for ads for this week, where we expect to get about 50,000 hits (we got almost 40,000 in the first week, and Fringe didn’t start until Wednesday night).

So, here’s what’s up for offer


Large banner at the top of the site (728px × 90px) – $25 for 2500 impressions

Large rectangle top left (300px × 250px) – $25 for 2500 impressions

Square top right (200 x 200) – $20 for 2500 impressions

Small banner after the first post (180px × 150px) – $10 for 2500 impressions


All I need from you is a graphic in the appropriate size (listed above) and a URL to link to it. We’ll figuring out payment stuff after Fringe.

Contact me at