[Sponsored] The Night of the Iguana takes the stage at Hart House Theatre

When I think Tennessee Williams I think Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or Streetcar Named Desire, or even The Glass Menagerie. The man was so prolific and successful that when I hear his name, I think of three separate plays he’s written.

The man wrote over 30 full length plays. This is why it was a treat to hear that Hart House Theatre is producing a Tennessee Williams play that is not one of the aforementioned three. The Night of the Iguana is playing at Hart House Theatre until March 10, 2012.

One of the things about this particular production that I think will be great is David Ferry in the role of Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon. I love seeing Ferry on stage, and he’s a versatile actor, but I can’t help think that he is maybe made for Williams. In my experience, when Ferry does angst he really *does* angst. Where better to get a dose of angst than from a Tennessee Williams play?

See the press release below for more information about this Hart House Theatre production of The Night of the Iguana

Hart House Theatre is proud to present

The Night of the Iguana
Starring David Ferry

Toronto, Ontario – Beginning on March 2, 2012, Hart House Theatre is thrilled to present a limited run of Tennessee Williams’ last great masterpiece The Night of the Iguana. In Mexico’s blistering heat, this story explores a minister’s shattered faith and his cataclysmic undoing as he questions the principles with which he has led his life. Starring celebrated actor David Ferry (winner of the 2011 Critics Choice Best Actor award, the 2010 Dora Best Actor award and the recipient of seven Dora Acting nominations) as the fallen Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon alongside acclaimed performer Allegra Fulton, this finale to Hart House Theatre’s 2011/2012 Season is sure to be an acting tour de force.

Taking the directing helm of the production is Hart House Theatre’s Artistic Director, Jeremy Hutton. On working with Ferry and Fulton: “It’s as if these parts were written for them; they seem to slip into these characters so easily. Watching David work through the text as he reads and then seeing his instincts attack the material when we get it on its feet is inspiring. It is an incredible learning opportunity for the emergent artists and all of us at Hart House Theatre to have David and Allegra as mentors on this production.”

The Night of the Iguana is a story about three people at the end of their rope – hovering dangerously at the precipice of the unknown: damaged individuals who are seeking a release from whatever bonds have captured them. Jeremy focuses on the pervading image of the iguana, tied up, awaiting slaughter until an act of grace and charity sets the animal free. “This is, perhaps, one of Williams’ most hopeful plays because of its potential for grace, beauty and charity.  The desperate need for absolution and freedom can be achieved on some level. What happens when our desired release comes? It’s neither as good as we expected, nor as awful as we feared.” – Jeremy Hutton.

Two of the design team members tasked with bringing Jeremy’s vision of the Mexican retreat to life are Hart House Theatre regulars Scott Penner and Melanie McNeill. Each bring their wealth of experience from emergent and professional theatres to create the world of an oppressively hot and humid 1940’s Mexican tourist destination.

Written by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Jeremy Hutton
Set Design by Scott Penner

Costume Design by Melanie McNeill

Lighting Design by Domenic Manca

Properties by Jaclyn Zaltz
Stage Management by Kalina Janik


Photo of David Ferry by Jaclyn Zaltz


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