A Funeral For Clowns – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

From Press Release

The Toronto 2012 Fringe Festival presents:


A play by the production team that brought you the 2011 BEST OF FR!NGE hit,

The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires

Written by Vincenzo Aliberti

Directed by Teo Dragonieri

Are funerals really for the dead? Should you hire a Professional Mourner to attend your funeral? When you die, will you remember all the things you used to love and hate?

Nobody likes a funeral, and most people don’t like clowns. A Funeral For Clowns is what happens when a dysfunctional family with painted smiles and big red noses get together to say their last goodbyes to one of their own. If you’re interested in exploring the varying ways in which we mourn, whether it’s through addiction, anger or sleep‐deprivation, this show is for you. If nothing else, you’ll come away with the understanding that A Funeral For Clowns is no different than a funeral for the rest of us.

A Funeral For Clowns is written and directed by the same collaborative team that produced the BEST OF FR!NGE show for 2011 Fringe Kids, The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires. NOW Magazine gave it 4 N’s, mentioning Marcel Dragonieri who was “perfect as the manipulative, rapid‐spieling con artist”. The cast also includes 2009 Fringe 2‐Man No‐Show’s (NOW‐5N’s, Critics Choice) Isaac Kessler, recently nominated for the 2012 Canadian Comedy Award.

Come pay your respects to the dead clown, and share in the proverbial last laugh.

Playing at The Annex Theatre

736 Bathurst St. (Bathurst & Bloor, 1 block south of Bloor)

Tickets: $10. Each show runs 60mins.

Fri. July 6, 1:15 PM
Sat. July 7, 7:30 PM
Mon. July 9, 5:00 PM
Tues. July 10, 12:30 PM
Wed. July 11, 9:15 PM
Fri. July 13, 9:45 PM
Sat. July 14, 11:00 PM

Visit us online at http://www.facebook.com/zanniarte or http://afuneralforclowns.wordpress.com