SOMETHING FROM NOTHING (Cascade Theatre) 2012 Toronto Fringe Review

Hey, parents! If you want a guaranteed hit with your kids, check out SOMETHING FROM NOTHING at Toronto Fringe.

With 300,000 performances and a Dora Award under it’s belt, you better believe this FringeKids! show, which has been touring around Canada since 1994, is as finely tuned as it gets. Both parents and kids will be laughing and wiping away tears.

Based on the Phoebe Gilman book of the same name, this is a classic along the lines of Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever. In fact, I wanted to see the play simply because it was a favourite when my daughters were growing up.

Meanwhile the usher holding the theatre door couldn’t resist blurting out, “I loved that! It was my favourite book as a child!” No doubt the audience of toddlers in butterfly wings will understand the story’s multi-generational magic later on.

Like Love You Forever, this story takes us on a journey from babyhood to growing up, here through a baby blanket that grandpa helps morph into a coat, vest, tie, kerchief, button, and finally, nothing – or, the story itself that binds together time and memories.

I’m quite amazed I never caught wind of this show when my kids were the wide-eyed age of the toddlers in the front row. Fortunately, with this FringeKids! show, it’s never too late.

But since the ones who really have to love this show are the kids, I’ll tell you they’re over-the-top in love with the singing, the puppets (which are worthy of they’re own performance) and the repetitive lines. 55 minutes passes in an instant.


  • SOMETHING FROM NOTHING plays at the Palmerston Library Theatre, 560 Palmerston Ave
  • Show times: July 07 07:15 PM
, July 08 11:00 AM
, July 09 04:15 PM, 
July 10 12:45 PM
, July 11 02:45 PM, 
July 13 07:45 PM
, July 14 02:15 PM
, July 15 03:30 PM
  • All individual Fringe tickets are $10 ($5 for FringeKids) at the door (cash only).
  • Advance tickets ($11 including service charge) are available online at, by phone at 416-966-1062, or in person at The Randolph Centre for the Arts, 736 Bathurst Street.
  • Value packs are available for anyone planning to see at least 5 shows.


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  1. A polished production that is full of heart and humour, Something From Nothing has something for everyone. The day I saw it, the adults in the sudience were enjoying it as much as the kids and everyone left the the theatre smiling. A perfect mix of song and story, excellent actors and scene-stealing puppets, this is simply one of the best shows at the Fringe.

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