SQUAT: A super secret back-alley musical – Toronto Fringe 2013 Press Release


From press release:

“Squat: A Super-Secret Back-Alley” Musical brings life to a hidden Toronto treasure

An original musical, in an original spot. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Spadina  Avenue, in an alleyway behind 401 Richmond sits a historic coachhouse. Usually it’s Cinecycle,  a cinema cum bicycle repair shop, but for two weeks in July it will become 401A – Toronto’s  only secret art squat. “The minute audience members walk in they’ll become immersed in the  characters’ world” says Leora Smith, 25, one of three playwrights. “That’s the best part of a sitespecific show – you’re watching it, but you are also a part of it.”

The show is “Squat: A Super-Secret Back-Alley Musical.” Suzie, a tough kid from Toronto and  her boyfriend, Ben Fife, sang love songs every night in 401A, the city’s most romantic secret  hideaway. When Ben was “discovered” and whisked away to Hollywood, Suzie was left behind  and disappeared on a heartbroken, alcohol-fueled bender. The show picks up as Suzie returns to  find the squat has been taken over by hipster duo Lex Zeppelin and Baritony Danza. Disgusted  and determined, she vows to reclaim her venue. Torontophiles can expect plenty of local  references to keep them laughing, including a full number about posing as a Toronto hipster sung  by a policeman undercover as a “social media expert.”

The musical began as an idea at the Burning Man Festival. Now 2 years, 5 scripts, and countless  Monday night writing sessions later, playwrights Smith, Eyal Rosenblum, and Jacob Ulrich are  ready for another festival – the Toronto Fringe. As newbies to the Toronto theatre scene they’ve  enlisted help from veterans Alex Soloway, Musical Director and Producer/choreographer Daniel Bennett.

“Squat” pays homage to big Broadway so expect energetic musical numbers, larger than life  characters, and of course – a love story. Still, it’s got a contemporary twist. “Everyone in Toronto  knows what it’s like to have hipsters take over your favourite spots” says Rosenblum, “It can get  under your skin. We’re really playing with that.” “Let’s just say, this is a 14+ show” says Smith.  “And also, we’re grateful that a lot of words rhyme with s***” adds Ulrich who wrote 11 original songs for the show. Despite her crassness, you’ll certainly come to love and root for  Suzie and her ragtag crew who bring this space to life.

Squat: A Super Secret Back Alley Musical is the inaugural production of theatre company Watch  The Elbow. Only 40 seats are available at each performance -so come early!

Show times:
July 4 -6, 11-3 @ 8pm – 8 pm
July 6, 13 @ 2pm
Tickets can be purchased through: Toronto Fringe #403 – 720 Bathurst Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2R4
(416) 966-1062  www.fringetoronto.com