Andy Warhol Presents: Valerie – Toronto Fringe 2014 Press Release

From Press Release

You’re invited to a party
not a play.

Site specific.
Fully immersive.
Entirely interactive.


Valerie Solanas:
radical feminist writer, academic, wit, homeless, raw, relentless.
Andy Warhol: Artist, socialite, ringleader, king, host, doomed.

Valerie Solanas is best known for her SCUM Manifesto, a ferocious satire that calls for the eradication of all men in order to end sexism.

While trying to get Andy to produce her play Up Your Ass, Val became part of his offbeat gang at the Factory in NYC.

After a misfit friendship with the prince of pop, Valerie shot Andy in the summer of ’68.

IMMERSIVE: We return to the Factory studio where Andy and his sidekick

Gerard Malanga are hosting a fab party in honor of Val. Cameras! Candy! Chaos!

INTERACTIVE: Our performance space fits an audience of 25 people. They are invited to move throughout the space during the event, interacting with each other, Andy and Valerie. Cell phones, side conversation and heckling are all welcome.

IMPULSIVE: Our show will shift and change each night along with our unique audiences.

INVENTIVE: We’ve drawn on Warhol and Solanas’ writing, interviews, documentaries and art to create a brand new piece.


Influx Creative Space
Studio 7

141 Spadina Ave.
(Spadina & Richmond)

July 3 – 13, 8pm
(+ 2pm July 10)

BOX OFFICE < <416-966-1062 <$10 door/$11 advance