Magician Rosemary Reid busks her way around the 2014 Fringe Club

photo of magician Rosemary RiedRosemary Reid is one of the buskers at this years Fringe Club. If she comes over to your table and asks if she can sit down and do some magic, say yes.  We did and all five of us thought she was terrific.

She impressed us with her card tricks, always a good thing, but what really dazzled us was her wit and personality. She was at ease before she even sat down; funny, fast, and delightful. Rosemary is the reasonably calm looking one holding the folded playing card in the picture, the person laughing like crazy, Sonia (a former editor of Mooney on Theatre), is part of her audience.

We would have loved to have her stay all evening. If she had stayed long enough we might have been able to find out where she got her Stainless Steel Sharpie. She never did say. Magicians and their secrets!

Rosemary will be wandering around the Fringe Club from time to time. Perhaps she will tweet when she’s going to be there @RosemaryReid, but you could also just keep your eyes peeled.

If you see her, invite¬† her over to your table, or your huddled crowd. Once she’s done the exclusive performance, be sure to fill her jar with generous tips because that’s all the money the buskers get, they aren’t paid by the festival to be there.

If you miss her at the festival, she also entertains at all kinds events so if you’re planning something and want it to be extra special you should seriously consider hiring her. You can reach her though her website – Rosemary Reid.


Rosemary Reid will be at the Fringe Club on July 9, 11, and 13.
Buskers perform from 7 pm on weekdays and 4 pm on weekends


Photo by Megan Mooney – taken as a random afterthought because she was so into the entertaining show