“[A] satire about the customer service industry.”

poorhouse_players_character_jenna_naullsExcerpted from press release:

Welcome to your new job at General Corporations Incorporated – a megacorporation that runs some of your favourite shops like “Lifesucks Coffee”, “Hell Wireless” and “American In Peril”. In this satire about the customer service industry, you will embark on the training of a lifetime. Our CEO, Bossman, will take the audience through a series of training modules using various scenarios from employees Stella, Marcus and Jacqueline. We’ll cover relevant issues, policies and procedures such as “sexual harassment”, “health and safety”, “affirmative action” and the age old rule: “the customer is always right”. So get out your pens and notepads, because you’re about to learn what it really takes to be the best customer service agent you can be.

In order to create our play, we asked our friends, family, colleagues and even strangers about their experiences in a customer service environment. We got stories about all ends of the spectrum: lazy employees, rude customers, overbearing managers and impossible sales goals. We used these scenarios to create a piece that explores all sides of the industry – we want people to relate to being the customer AND the employee because both positions come with awkward interactions, frustration and in most cases, humour.


July 3rd, 1:45PM

July 4th, 5:45PM

July 5th, 7:30PM

July 7th, 9:00PM

July 8th, 4:15PM

July 11th, 3:30PM

July 12th, 2:45PM

: Robert Gil Theatre (214 College St)

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Photo of Jenna Naulls by Rachel Llanera.