Preview: One More Night Festival 2015

Paleoncology, picture 1

On September 10th, The Box Toronto will be opening the third year of its One More Night Festival, running until September 13th.

Organized by The Box Toronto, the One More Night Festival offers an opportunity for shows produced throughout the last year to remount their production for one more night.

Hopeful shows apply to the festival from June to August and ten shows are chosen to be part of the festival. In previous years, shows have come to the festival from a wide variety of platforms, including fringe festivals from Victoria, BC to Hamilton, ON, University final projects, and other Toronto theatre festivals.

This year’s shows are:

DOUBLE BILL: The Woolgatherer (KD Productions) and Sizzle and Spin (Plan A Theatre Company)

The Woolgatherer (KD Productions)

Previously mounted at the Toronto Fringe Festival, The Woolgather is your typical boy meets girls… until it isn’t. Set in a rundown apartment, what will these two uncover about one another? See Now Magazine’s Critic’s pick of the 2015 Toronto Fringe to find out!

Sizzle and Spin (Plan A Theatre Company)

Mounted this year at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Sizzle and Spin takes place when two former lovers find themselves at a job interview for a position they are equally suited to fill. They sift their way through gender roles and workplace politics as they old love begins to rekindle in this exploration of the struggles of the Millennial generation.

Playing September 10th at 7pm
Tickets available online or at the door

Meaningful Activity (Isoprox Theatre)

Originally performed as a 4th year University final project, Meaningful Activity follows the struggles of a doctor commited to stopping the rapes in her village when she is captured by those who wish to stop her efforts. Exploring ethics, gender issues and identity, Meaningful Activity takes on this challenging story.

Playing September 11th at 8:30pm
Tickets available online or at the door

Nudity, Free Beer, Good For Kids (Wet Bullet Productions)

Previously mounted at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, this show guarantees that the “Title is a promise. We’ll always be tasteful… or tasty… maybe both?”. Nudity, Free Beer, Good for Kids comments on the capitalism and advertising surrounding Fringe Festivals, with high energy antics such as car chases and musical numbers along the way.

Playing September 11th at 9:30pm
Tickets available online of at the door

Myra’s Story (PrACTical TheACTrics)

Myras Story.This production has not only been previously mounted at two Ontario Fringe festivals, London and Hamilton, but has been touring the province since 2013. Myra’s Story is a one-woman show that explores the life of a homeless woman in Dublin, and how her experience has led her to where she is today.

Playing September 12th at 3:30pm
Tickets available online or at the door

Paleoncology (Moon Dinosaur Theatre)

Previously mounted in Fringe Festivals from Victoria to Montreal and picking up various awards along the way, Paleoncology is a one-woman dark comedy about using dinosaurs to deal with, or avoid, ones problems. With her brother dying, Lea is trying her best with this strategy as she struggles with a myriad of familial and personal issues.

Playing September 12th at 7:45pm
Tickets available online or at the door

(Don’t Splash) Shelley Rae (Vertebrae, Undone)

Last produced as a shed show in the 2013 Toronto Fringe, (Don’t Splash) Shelley Rae is part TED Talk, part meet-and-greet, part drag show and part interactive theatre. When Shelley Rae, the mermaid, is finally able to meet the public there is much we can learn about her kind.

Playing September 12th at 6pm
Tickets available online or at the door

The Princess of Porn: The Musical (Me and Snow White Productions)

Previously mounted at the Hamilton Fringe Festival, this story is a fairy tale you definitely haven’t heard before. What happens when the Princess of Porn, “A princess story that never made it to the books”, runs away from her Porn Kingdom? The only way you’ll find out is to see the show!

Playing September 12th at 9:30pm
Tickets available online or at the door

Kneel! Diamond Dogs (Mikeylikesit Productions)

Previously produced at the Hamilton Fringe Festival, Kneel! Diamond Dogs is a fight between alter egos. Does Damon encounter and comquer the ‘beasts” in his day to day life as Neil Diamond or David Bowie? Who will prevail in the battle between his selves?

Playing September 13th at 4pm
Tickets available online or at the door

Homeschool Dropout (Red Pants Productions)

Previously performed at the Hamilton Fringe Festival, Homeschool Dropout tells the story of Bryan, who started being homeschooled at a young age due to bullying regarding his severe latex allergy. It also is accompanied by the launch of Red Pants Productions’ new program aimed at children and teens in need of financial aid in their pursuit of the arts.

Playing September 13th at 7:45pm
Tikets available online or at the door


Promotional photo for Paleoncology by Ryan Couldrey
Promotional photo for Myra’s Story by Brian Z. Kelly