Motherland – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

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Photo of Krys Potapczyk and Erik Mrakovcic by Nicholas Porteous


Davit wants to leave his motherland. Then he’s offered a one-way ticket out …
It’s crazily Canadian – a play about an Armenian mother and son, directed by a Slovenian-

Canadian, starring actors with Croatian, Polish and Greek roots.
Motherland tells the story of a battle of wills between a twenty-something Armenian actor musician who wants to leave home and his mother who can’t let him go. It may be set in Armenia, but it’s a story that resonates in the many cultural communities that make up
Toronto, a city of people who have “come from away” and are adjusting – or not – to the loss of traditional family relations.

Writer-producer Kristine Greenaway says Motherland was inspired by an autobiographical story told her by an actor she met while attending a film festival in Armenia. “I knew instantly that it was a story for Toronto,” Greenaway says. “The reaction of the culturally diverse audience members who saw Motherland at Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival confirmed my instinct. During Q&A sessions following performances, people of Caribbean, South-East Asian and Eastern European origins all had stories to share on a similar theme.”

The play is directed by Andreja Kovač, an award-winning director from Slovenia with more than 15 years of professional experience in Europe. Her directing credits include large-scale productions, contemporary play development, and opera. Kovač directed the Motherland première at Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival in November 2016.

Motherland was enthusiastically received at Alumnae Theatre’s Big Ideas and Fireworks festivals. A recent benefit performance for the Armenian community played to a sold-out house. Come see what the buzz is all about!

Amber Heart Productions presents Motherland in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival.

Starring: Erik Mrakovcic, Krys Potapczyk, Konstantina Mantelos, and Jeffrey Fennes.
Stage Manager: Amalea Ruffett.
Set design: Marysia Bucholc.
Costumes: Ivana Matuzovic.
Graphics: Suzanne Courtney.
Trailer: Nicholas Porteous.
Original music: Douglas Gibbens.

Photo of Krys Potapczyk and Erik Mrakovcic by Nicholas Porteous