Overview: Toronto Sketchfest

Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival brings laughs to the Toronto stage!

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival is on this week until March 11th, and it’s an absolute romp. If you get the chance, then you have to check out at least one of the many hilarious shows being put on throughout the city. I was lucky enough to see two at the Comedy Bar this past weekend.

Leaning on a high-chair, watching sketches with a pint of beer is very much my speed. Sketch and stand-up comedy are my jam, and I was very excited at the opportunity to kick back and give an overview of the festival, repping Toronto’s fantastic scene with locations you’ll rarely see in theatre reviews. There’s always something going on in the city, and I’d recommend a visit to one of our many comedy clubs anytime, but Sketchfest really is something to catch while you can.

There’s a more relaxed feeling to this festival than others I’ve gone to for Mooney, including the Toronto Fringe. Most shows clock in at around an hour long, and they feature prominent Toronto comics and actors, as well as some strong acts from out of town who’ve come in to share their humour with us.

The first show I saw was Herbeaver and Fusion Comedy on Thursday. It was in the midst of a long week, and it managed brighten my night like nothing else. Herbeaver was great, and opened with a hilariously crude song. Each member of the troupe took on a host of different character types throughout the show.

They were followed up by Fusion Comedy, who had some great sketches with little bits of social commentary thrown in. Guled Abdi’s journey as a black man trying to get to a white cottage over three sketches was fantastic, and I’ll never look at ducks the same way again.

On Saturday, I made plans to go back to Sketchfest on my own accord. Tickets come at different price points, from $16 to $30, with additional packages for Steamwhistle tours and Oyster Boy gift cards, so you can really make a weekend of this.

I attended the 11 o’clock performance with Jon Blair and the Two Draculas with my friend. The show was packed, with plenty of performers from other troupes having come out to end their night there. Everyone was chatting in the bar before heading to the main stage.

Jon Blair put up a solo sketch show that really impressed, with a bit about a high school teacher that I still find myself chuckling at. He was followed by Two Draculas, which is Chris Locke and Tim Gilbert pulling off something that is at once brilliant, funny, and incredibly stupid in the best way.

Sketchfest can be your plan for the night, or it can be the place you arrive at the end of the one. Nowhere else will you get to experience such a wonderful barrage of ideas, punchlines, and performers. Please check it out, there’s a lot to see.


  • Sketchfest is on until March 11, 2018 with performances in multiple locations throughout Toronto.
  • Showtimes range from 7PM – 11 PM
  • Tickets prices range from $16 – $30; festival passes for $90
  • You can buy the tickets online or at the front door.
  • Audience Advisory: content is “created for an adult audience”, shows with more explicit material are indicated on the site