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Review: Mother’s Daughter (Soulpepper)

The daring third installment of the Queenmaker series explores the rise of Bloody Mary

Soulpepper has mounted the third play in writer Kate Hennig’s Queenmaker Trilogy, Mother’s Daughter is an enthralling and tense historical drama on stage at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

This play checks all the boxes for me: the writing is tight and Hennig weaves an interesting and engaging story with these characters from the Tudor era. The performances are great across the board and the technical aspects and set design are certainly impressive. It’s a great show, and I do recommend it. Continue reading Review: Mother’s Daughter (Soulpepper)

Review: Buffoon (Tarragon Theatre)

Buffoon is a profound, beautiful tragedy with a helping of laughs

Tarragon Theatre is presenting Buffoon, a new play by Anosh Irani, until December 15 – and you owe it to yourself to get a ticket.

It was captivating, emotionally taxing, and downright great.

This self-labelled tragicomedy did indeed offer up some laughs, but I was truly stunned by how its story leapt at every opportunity to take things to new, more depressing depth. The acting is incredible, and the piece stunningly dark. Continue reading Review: Buffoon (Tarragon Theatre)

Review: Drink of Choice (Alma Matters/HollyWould)

Bartender holds a jar of rice. Drink of Choice is a choose-your-own-adventure story about dating as an an asexual

A storytelling show with an orange-peel twist, Drink of Choice, plays at the Factory Studio Theatre. This Fringe Festival Patron’s Pick is co-produced by Alma-Matters and HollyWould productions.

Drink of Choice is a choose your own adventure storytelling show, created and performed by Holly Wyder. The show is set in a bar, ‘Ex Machina’, in which Wyder’s nameless bartender shares stories based loosely on experiences from her life. These stories largely revolve around her experience navigating the dating world as someone who is asexual. Continue reading Review: Drink of Choice (Alma Matters/HollyWould)

Review: Haunted High Park & The Baldoon Witch Séance (City of Toronto/Eldritch Theatre)

Man in skull makeup plays a ukelele. Eldritch Theatre pairs old fashioned ghosts with historic walking tour in an eclectic Halloween pairing

If you’re interested in plenty of laughter and scares this Halloween season, check out Haunted High Park at Colborne Lodge. On from now until October 30, this ghostly evening provided a great experience that delighted my guest and I.

Haunted High Park is a two-part event; the first being a performance of The Baldoon Witch Séance by Toronto’s Eldritch Theatre Company. I’ve reviewed a performance by Eldritch before and went into this a big fan; little has changed. What caught me off-guard, though, was the fantastic the haunted walk we went on afterwards. Continue reading Review: Haunted High Park & The Baldoon Witch Séance (City of Toronto/Eldritch Theatre)

The Archive of Missing Things (Zuppa Theatre Company) 2019 Summerworks Review

Image of a Building for The Archive of Missing Things

Zuppa Theatre Company’s The Archive of Missing Things is being put on as part of Summerworks 2019 at The Sanderson Library (327 Bathurst Street). It is an interactive theatre piece taking place in the library with other patrons there. This show an open-concept, it’s performed throughout the library rather than on a stage. It has a digital component as well as live action which all melds together incredibly.

I’ll say here that I think The Archive of Missing Things is one of the most incredible experiences with performance art that I’ve had in recent memory. There’s a great deal of mystery and intrigue woven in and thus, I do think the best experience one can have is going in blind as I did. If you want, stop reading now and just go experience this wonderfully thoughtful show.

Continue reading The Archive of Missing Things (Zuppa Theatre Company) 2019 Summerworks Review