Review: Prophecy Fog (Theatre Centre)

A woman holds her hand to her head.

Entrancing, Intimate and Challenging:  Prophecy Fog Opens in Toronto

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and intimate performance this weekend, look no further than Jani Lauzon’s Prophecy Fog, on at the Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St W) until May 26. Produced by the Theatre Centre in collaboration with Paper Canoe Projects, in association with Nightswimming.

The history of Giant Rock is fascinating and sad. At the heart of Lauzon’s story is a question: “can a site still be sacred if it has been desecrated”? But at its narrative core, Prophecy Fog is the story of Lauzon’s journey to Giant Rock in the Mojave with her daughter.

Over the 80-minute runtime, we learn about Lauzon’s childhood, the history of Giant Rock, and the stories around Giant Rock and their significance. The work of production designer (Melissa Joakim) is entrancing, with soft lighting and projections adding to the show.

Walking into the room, you know you’re in for an intimate performance. The audience sits around performer/creator Jani Lauzon: you have the option to sit on a chair, or a cushion on the floor. Lauzon stands in the middle of the circle slowly rotating with her hair cast over her face.

She’s also surrounded with bowls of stones, which she pours out and arranges over the course of prophecy fog. She talks about collecting stones as a child, and will sometimes stop to point out a specific stone to the audience: “this one’s my favourite,” she said, holding one up to us.

Lauzon’s performance throughout Prophecy Fog is truly captivating. Performing in the round, so close to the audience, gave her the chance to make eye contact and smile at each of us individually. She was inviting, and I think that helped the audience to engage with the content on a very profound level.

I loved this show for its atmosphere (Melissa Joakim), the stories told, and the way it challenges the audience to reflect on the role of sacred sites — and the meaning of their desecration.  Most of all, I was struck by the kindness that emanated through this performance. I highly recommend seeing Prophecy Fog.


  • Prophecy Fog is playing at the Theatre Centre (50 Tank House Lane) until May 26, 2019
  • Shows are at 8:00 PM, with matinee performances Saturday and Sunday at 2PM.
  • Tickets are $30 – with a Student and Arts Worker discount ($22). Can be purchased online or at the door
  • Run time is approximately 80 minutes.

Image of Jani Lauzon by Dahlia Katz.