Gremlin Hour – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

Kerploding Theatre is jazzed to invite you to


In the Toronto Fringe Kidsfest

Directed by Molison Farmer

Written by Alex Kolanko

July 3-14 2019

The George Ignatieff Theatre: 15 Devonshire Pl


“We are spooky spooky Gremlins and we really need your help!”

Award Winning Kerploding Theatre is back and wilder than ever with a brand new play GREMLIN HOUR. Gremlin Hour tackles childhood depression, anxiety, and mental health by talking openly to kids about those not-so-fun feelings while serving up a hilariously fun show with silly sketch comedy, improv, original music, cartoon illustrations, and more!

12 year old Hazel is convinced she is broken. She can’t get along with the other kids at school, can’t seem to enjoy “normal” kid activities, and feels numb inside. Her mother and teachers are confounded by her strange behaviour… and apparently so are the gremlins who live under her bed. The story follows Grom and Grox – two Gremlins who are determined to get Hazel back on track so they can spook her and escape the wrath of the Gremlin Council.


Kerploding Theatre presents the World Premiere of


July 3-14 2019

Starring: Bryce Hodgson, Hana Holubec & Liz Johnston

Illustrations by Mirka Loiselle

Costume Design by Victoria Banjavcic

Set Design by Simone Ferkul

Lighting Design by Imogen Wilson

Sound Design by Francis Melling & Riley Hunt


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