Mice at Centre Ice – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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A modern day Canadian hockey “tail” of small mice with big hearts.

Together, we win!


TORONTOBenny the Bullet Productions presents Mice at Centre Ice by Kerri Salata in The Toronto Fringe Festival KidsFest, July 3rd-July 13th at the George Ignatieff Theatre.


MICE AT CENTRE ICE is a hilarious, heartwarming adaption of the best-selling 1980s children’s novel (and cartoon) and a show for hockey-lovers of all ages. Follow Benny the Bullet, a plucky mouse and fellow Mouse Hockey Leaguers as they try and win back the Cheddar Cup from the dreaded Rink Rats. What dangers await them? And can any of them be worse than the steel blades of the Zamboni machine?


In her children’s novel, Mice at Centre Ice, Estelle Salata named the lead character Benny the Bullet after her husband Benny Salata. Now, Estelle’s granddaughter, Kerri Salata, has named the company she has formed to produce her adaptation of Mice at Centre Ice after him too. Estelle always taught Kerri that women can do and be anything and led by example as a successful author and mother of four. In adapting this story, Kerri, a lawyer, mother, and hockey player herself, has taken her grandmother’s guidance to heart and modernized the story so that many of the characters, including Benny the Bullet, are portrayed by women.


This world premiere production of Mice at Centre Ice is directed by Llana Nakonechny, and stars Thea-award winning children’s theatre performer, Janice Peters Gibson, (The Company Theatre, producer Jerusalem), as well as members of the Lactors’ Studio (Watching Seana McKenna Watch Paint Dry (Fringe 2014) and In Gods We Trust (Fringe 2016)).   


All proceeds going to Lawyers Feed the Hungry http://www.lawyersfeedthehungry.ca/toronto.html