PUMP! – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release:

Toronto Fringe Festival and Cat and the Queen presents the world premiere of


Written and Performed by Cat and the Queen Directed by Bri Proke

Cat and the Queen is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/theatre artist, Cat Montgomery. Cat, through all of her creative pursuits, aims to use strengths gained from personal experiences to empower all individuals in times of struggle. Through live music and imaginative storytelling, PUMP! takes the audience on a journey through the difficult yet relatable themes of over consumption in regards to booze, food, loneliness and love. Indie film & theatre creator Bri Proke (Blood Pact Theatre/Grand Canyon) is dipping her toes into the world of directing to help actualize Cat’s experiences, and together this dynamic duo has created a piece you won’t want to miss at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival.

PUMP! is inspired by personal experiences and hardships, and also includes music off her latest EP, Heart For A Ride. This rock-anthem performance explores the need for connection, the sense of expectations on one’s self and the private vs. public persona; what’s really going on behind that filtered Instagram post? Many of us are a part of the global epidemic of escaping our lives through our curated online presence, but what happens when you strip that all away?

Expect the following: comedy, cabaret, music, heartbreak, battle cats, and of course, Patrick Swayze. PUMP! is a charged, raw, and playful piece that will transform THEATRE PASSE MURAILLE into an intergalactic musical playground, complete with the magic of storytelling, projections, and sweet sweet live music.

Cat and the Queen presents the World Premiere of PUMP! at Toronto Fringe Festival, July 4-13, 2019
Starring Cat Montgomery Directed by Bri Proke
Produced by Emma Bulpin
Set design by Jessica Whyte Lighting design by Imogen Wilson Projections by Nathan Schwartz

July 4 @ 6:15pm | July 6 @ 2:30pm | July 7 @ 5:45pm | July 9 @ 8pm | July 10 @ 4:30pm | July 12 @ 10:45pm | July 13 @ 6:45pm
Theatre Passe Muraille – 16 Ryerson Ave. www.catandthequeen.ca