The Road to Damascus – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Controversial play The Road to Damascus comes to Toronto Fringe
Two men in a police station in suburban France: a police officer and a young man suspected of wanting to join a terrorist group. One defends the many opportunities given by our society, the other represents a youth lost to disillusionment. Thus begins a tense interrogation, a game of chess, with each opponent trying to throw the other one off their tracks. Their visions of the Western world confront each other, clash … who will convert whom?
            The Road to Damascus, by Swiss playwright Dominique Ziegler, premiered in 2015 and has played in Belgium, France and Switzerland. It is translated by David Eden, who adapted Douglas Coupland’s Life After God for the Toronto Fringe . To Hell and Back Theatre Company was founded in 2001 to take Life After God  on a Fringe festival tour from Toronto to Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria.
The Road to Damascus stars Daniel Coo and Ethan Saulnier.  It is directed by David Eden.  Sound design is by Dan Schaumann; lighting design is by Zie Souwand; and the fight director is Richard Comeau. The production stage manager is Zie Souwand.
“L’auteur ramène la fable politique a l’échelle du l’individu et frappe juste”  L’Agenda  (The author brings the political fable to the scale of the individual and hits the mark)
                                To Hell and Back Theatre Company
In association with the Toronto Fringe Festival presents
The Road to Damascus

July 5th at 6:45pm                                                          July 7th at 10pm
July 8th at 4:15pm                                                          July 9th at 7pm
July 10th at 8:15p                                               July 12th at 4:15pm
July 13th at 2:45pm

Tarragon Theatre Extraspace, 30 Bridgman Avenue
Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.
 Tickets: Can be purchased at the venue or online:
By Phone: 416-966-1062
In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe. Located in the Hockey Rink at 275 Bathurst Street (Dundas + Bathurst).