Ether – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release

Stranded in the unknown space between life and death, a shocking secret has come to light. Join the cast of Ether on an unsettling journey from this realm into the beyond, where past regrets come back to haunt us. In a room with no entrances or exits, the characters must navigate the defining moments of their lives, but can they outrun their shame forever? Exploring the relationship between morality and the afterlife, Ether unites an unlikely group of women to confront the betrayal and inaction that may have cost them their lives. Perhaps they can brave this limbo together.

Loosely based on the life and observations of playwright and actor, Brendee Green (best known for her recurring role on Global TV’s Rookie Blue), the characters of Ether are firmly rooted in her experience as a queer woman in 2019. Though the events of the play have taken on their own narrative, Ms. Green voices her unique perspective as a caretaker, minority, and domestic partner through her characters’ unusual journeys. A vehicle to examine questions of identity and self-acceptance in an uncertain moral environment, the production demonstrates the challenges and social expectations of womanhood from the 1950s to present day.

From the creative minds behind Spadina Museum’s 2018 immersive horror-opera, The Medium, comes a highly anticipated collaboration between directors Brandon White and Shannon Mills of White Mills Theatre Co. Ether marks the company’s first departure from opera since its inception, as well as their Fringe Festival debut. A shocking journey into the unknown, Ether is certain to transport audiences beyond the limits of life and death.