Welcome back to… us? you? Everyone!

photo of a piece of wood with the word open painted in blue across it

You are not imagining this. It is a real thing—an actual piece on Mooney on Theatre!

And yes, it does mean we’re back. That is to say, some form of MoT is back. A much smaller pared-down version of MoT, but we’re here nonetheless.

I want to welcome back all our readers – I missed you. Missed writing about the performances I experienced. Missed telling you about what was out there. Missed having that extra kick in the ass to actually see stuff.

And so we have returned. But, as with everything in the world these days, things will be a bit different around here than they used to be.

We will be working to keep the chaos in the writers’ and editors’ lives to a minimum. This means we will be posting a bit more sporadically. Our coverage will be a bit sparser. And, regular weekly pieces you may have been used to, like our weekly ‘Caught Our Eye’ playlistings and the ‘Cheap Theatre’ roundup won’t be happening.

However, we will also be expanding our coverage. Since performances are now remote and accessible from everywhere, we can now cover remote shows from across Canada.

If you haven’t already signed up for email notification when things are posted, I recommend it. If you are on a mobile device the “subscribe” box is at the bottom of the site. If you are on a computer, it is in the column on the right. I promise we won’t ever use your email for strange nefarious reasons. It just tells you that a new post is up. That’s all.

We’ll be launching this week with coverage of the Next Stage Community Booster, including Theatre Shorts, Storytelling and more. The festival itself starts tomorrow – Thursday, January 21, 2021. There’s lots to check out, so don’t wait for us; get started exploring all on your own.

Looking forward to enjoying the arts with you folks again!

2 thoughts on “Welcome back to… us? you? Everyone!”

  1. What a surprise! If you can tip us off on the national virtual theatre world, we will thrive on it. I am assuming that if I got this message, I can just wait and anticipate!


  2. What a lovely surprise to receive an email from you today!! Looking forward to reviews of virtual performances and upcoming shows.
    Welcome back!

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