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Review: Portia’s Julius Caesar (Hart House Theatre)

Photo of Whitney K. Ampadu in Portia's Julius CaesarPortia’s Julius Caesar gives Shakespeare’s women a voice

Portia’s Julius Caesar, written by Kaitlyn Riordan and presented by Hart House Theatre, takes a familiar story from Shakespeare and looks at in a new light. Many recent productions of Shakespeare’s plays have cast women in men’s roles. And a few have done the opposite. This production goes beyond non-traditional gender casting and instead tells the story of Julius Caesar from the perspective of those who are rarely seen and even more rarely heard from – the women. While remaining faithful to the political narrative, Riordan puts the wives, mothers, lovers and even the female slaves at the center and gives them voice. Continue reading Review: Portia’s Julius Caesar (Hart House Theatre)

Review: Don Giovanni (Opera Atelier)

Photo of Miireille Asselin and Olivier Laquerre in Don GiovanniOpera Atelier presents the classic Don Giovanni at the Ed Mirvish Theatre

Opera Atelier’s fall production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni at the Ed Mirvish Theatre is a well-known opera by perhaps the most well-known classical composer. So, I thought it would be a good one for me to see, since I know almost nothing about the art form. I was hoping it would be an accessible introduction for a relative novice like me and I’m happy to say it was. Don Giovanni has something for everyone – lovely music, energetic dance, beautiful costumes and sets, and a variety of dramatic styles. My guest and I had a great time. Continue reading Review: Don Giovanni (Opera Atelier)

Review: Caminos 2019 (Aluna Theatre/Native Earth Performing Arts

Photo of Ghenoa Gela in Mura Buai (Everyone Everyone)Multidisciplinary performance festival opens with engaging dance and movement

Caminos 2019 is a multidisciplinary performance festival jointly produced by Aluna Theatre and Native Earth Performing Arts at Aki Studio, which highlights Latinx, Indigenous, and diverse communities. The works presented are often new experiments which later go on to full production elsewhere. I attended the opening night of the festival and saw Mura Buai (Everyone Everyone), an improvisational dance performance featuring three Indigenous performers and four Torres Strait Islander performers in collaboration. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I ended up really enjoying myself. Continue reading Review: Caminos 2019 (Aluna Theatre/Native Earth Performing Arts

Review: Anne (Guild Festival Theatre)

Photo of Claire Boudreau and Michael McLeister in Anne

Guild Festival Theatre Brings Canada’s Favourite Literary Redhead to Life

Are you looking to enjoy an evening of theatre in a beautiful park setting? Luckily, Toronto has many opportunities for just such an evening. One you might not know about is Anne, currently presented by Guild Festival Theatre at Guild Park and Gardens in Scarborough. It might not get as much attention as some larger productions. But this adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables, with script by Paul Ledoux, is definitely worth the trek to the east side of the city. Continue reading Review: Anne (Guild Festival Theatre)

Review: Porch View Dances (Kaeja d’Dance)

photo of Porch View Dances 2019PhPorch View Dances celebrates the love of dance in one of Toronto’s vibrant communities

I had heard about Porch View Dances for a number of years, so when the opportunity to review it came up, I jumped at it. This is the eighth summer that Kaeja d’Dance has presented Porch View Dances in Seaton Village. The event has clearly become a beloved local tradition. It’s a fun relaxed and very accessible celebration of art and community and a great way to spend an evening. Continue reading Review: Porch View Dances (Kaeja d’Dance)