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A former freelance translator in Paris, Catherine Jan now enjoys writing in Toronto and about Toronto. Especially about Toronto theatre. She also blogs about translation, copywriting, editing and other word-related past-times at Catherine Translates. Are you on Twitter? Join @translatetrad‘s 2,000 followers who keep up with her workin’ girl tweets.

Review (Kid +1): Under the Stairs (Young People’s Theatre)

Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre presents a play by Kevin Dyer full of warmth and humour

Under The Stairs, YPTPlaying at Young People’s Theatre in Toronto, Under the Stairs is an important, fanciful musical story written by Kevin Dyer. It’s about a little boy named Tim who escapes to a closet of coats when his parents argue. There he finds comfort amongst a motley crew of other abandoned souls.

Timmy (Kyle Orzech) is sweet and boyish in his grey pyjamas and bare feet. Lily (Kelsey Verzotti) lives in the closet and is loving and protective. Violet (Fiona Sauder) is her cynical, foot-stomping  best friend, and Albert (Paul Rainville) is their non-verbal tag-along whose knees easily wobble.

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Review: The Cherry Orchard (Modern Times Stage Company and Crow’s Theatre)

Modern Times and Crow’s Theatre present a minimalist take on a Chekhov classic in Toronto

Playing at the Streetcar Crowsnest in the Toronto east end, The Cherry Orchard is a story about one aristocratic family’s struggle with transition. It was written by Anton Chekhov in 1903, just one year before his death. It was his last play.

Headed by a Russian matriarch Lyubov (Arsinee Khanjian), a family is at risk of losing their estate due to bad debts. Like Lyubov, her brother Leonid Gayev (Cliff Saunders) doesn’t have much of a head for business and is unable to find a proper solution to their property woes.

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Review (Kid+1): The Wizard of Oz (Ross Petty Productions)

The Wizard of Oz - Ross PettyAn annual holiday tradition, Ross Petty Productions’ panto takes the stage in Toronto

This year’s Ross Petty holiday production at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre is a re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz, and it does not disappoint, thanks to the endearing characters, brightly coloured costumes and set, and jabs at politicians. We’re happily taken along the yellow brick road, while we watch Dorothy (spirited Camille Eanga-Selenge) make the world a better place.

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