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Review: Where There’s A Will (Sawitri Theatre)

Where There’s A Will comes to the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto

Sawitri Theatre‘s Where There’s A Will, currently playing at the Alumnae Theatre, is a wildly clever two-act comedy penned by renowned Indian playwright Mahesh Dattani. The play shines a light on the lives of a dysfunctional middle-class Indian family as they verbally duke out their deep-seated inter-familial qualms.

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Review: Punk Rock (The Howland Company)

“Stunning” and “relevant” Punk Rock takes to the Toronto stage

The Howland Company’s production of Simon Stephen’s Punk Rock holds incredible power. The material itself is already strong, and the expert cast and creative team just pushes it that much further. It is quite literally one of the most “stunning” plays I’ve personally ever seen (second to Buddies In Bad Times’ 2011 production of The Normal Heart). Consider all the school shootings that have happened in the last year, and the stakes in Punk Rock couldn’t be higher.

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Review: Inch of Your Life: Episode 1 (The Theatre Circuit)

“Unbelievably thrilling” play lands on the Toronto stage

The Theatre Circuit’s Inch of Your Life: Episode 1 is what happens when you cross a sleek, made-for-tv dramedy with the passion and gusto of 8 expert stage actors.

Inch of Your Life: Episode 1 runs like a one-hour TV episode. The scenes switch back and forth between the A, B and C stories with your classic “sitcom transition music” in between. It’s thrilling, innovative and one of the most unique presentations of theatre I’ve seen on a Canadian stage.

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Review: Person of Interest (Lunkamud)

Melody A. Johnson delivered top-notch comedy in her solo show at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto

Person of Interest is a one woman show for the ages expertly written and performed by the undeniable Melody A. Johnson.

Johnson plays herself, an actress in a sort of “transitionary” period in her life. When she moves into her new house, she finds out that the neighbours speak fluent “dick” (her words not mine) and eventually reaches a point of desperation where she’ll do anything to get them to move out, even if it means breaking the law… Cue Law and Order transition music.

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