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Review: The Seat Next To The King (Minmar Gaslight)

Photo of Kwaku Okyere and Connor LingSteven Elliott Jackson’s transcendent new play The Seat Next to the King is remounted in Toronto

The Seat Next To The King, a new play by Steven Elliott Jackson and directed by Tanisha Taitt, is a powerful piece of theatre exploring race, sexuality and the “differences” that make us all the same.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about The Seat Next To The King recently especially after it’s successful run in the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival. I had really high hopes for it’s new incantation at The Theatre Centre, produced by Minmar Gaslight and can safely say that my hopes were met last night — perhaps even exceeded. Continue reading Review: The Seat Next To The King (Minmar Gaslight)

Review: Gray (Theatre Inamorata)

Toronto playwright Kristofer Van Solen updates Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray in his new play

Photo of Tenille Read and Ximena Huizi Theatre Inamorata‘s Gray, a daring, original play written by Toronto native Kristofer Van Solen, is about the struggle of complacency and failure in this modern age of hustle.

The performance takes place in a secret backspace above a convenience store on College street. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect upon entrance, but to my surprise, I ended up with an expertly crafted production that made for an awesome, thought-provoking night of theatre.

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Review: The Odd Couple (Jaybird Productions)

Picture of Gord Peters and Jack Ferdman.The Odd Couple, on stage in Toronto, did not pair all that well with our reviewer

The Odd Couple, written by Neil Simon, is a play about what happens when a total slob of a bachelor shacks up with an uptight, anxious clean freak. We’ve seen this sort of “unlikely pair” buddy comedy time and time again, but The Odd Couple put it on the map. so you can only guess how excited I was to see how Jaybird Productions would interpret such an iconic play.

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Review: Nunsense (The Civic Light Opera Company)

Photo of the cast of NunsenseNunsense is a hilarious comedic musical on stage at the Zion Cultural Centre in Toronto

I have a kinda funny relationship with Nunsense. It all started in my last year of high school. I really, really wanted our drama department to put on the musical, Once on this Island so I rounded up a bunch of my fellow musical theatre geek friends and put together a proposal.Our drama teacher looked it over and suggested that we do something a little more “simple” and easy to pull off instead that maybe doesn’t involve a cast of 20+ characters set on the Caribbean Sea. He suggested Nunsense. We were disappointed that we couldn’t do our original plan, so we just dropped the whole thing, but Nunsense always stuck in my mind for some reason.

Now, here I am ten years later finally getting to see what this show is about, courtesy of The Civic Light Opera Company and let me tell you… this company has pulled it off with class, pizzazz and all of the nun-related humor one would expect from a show with a title like Nunsense.

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Review: Lady Gaga: #ARTBIRTH (Sara Schwartz Geller Productions)

Photo of Athena ReichSinger Athena Reich brings Lady Gaga to life on the Toronto stage in #ARTBIRTH

Lady Gaga: #ARTBIRTH is a cabaret show meets glam-pop concert playing at the Berkeley Street Theatre. Athena Reich, our Gaga for the night, hits all the money notes and if it were a “who can sing like Gaga competition”, she would absolutely win hands down. However, we came to see a “show” and unfortunately…Lady Gaga: #ARTBIRTH  didn’t deliver.

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