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Maighdlin is a Vancouverite turned Torontonian who graduated the summer of 2015 from Randolph Academy as a singer, actor and dancer. She first came across the idea while watching The Wizard of Oz movie for the 50th time, when she was about 3 years old. She is the co-founder and co-artistic director of NonExistent Theatre, a new theatre company that challenges conventional casting and provides opportunities to emerging artists. while also attending the University of Toronto. Oh, and she ran into Bernadette Peters in a coffee shop once.

Lion in the Streets (Theatre by Committee)

Lion in the Streets Poster

Theatre by Committee presents Lion in the Streets on stage in Toronto

Lion in the Streets, the surreal story of a murdered 9-year-old and the community where she lost her life, opened last weekend at the Glad Day Bookshop. Put on by the seven-member collective Theatre By Committee, the show has moments of extremely compelling drama but due to the bizarre nature of the script these often give way to moments of confusion for the audience.

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Review: Age of Arousal (Factory Theatre)

Factory Age of Arousal Featuring Aviva Armour-Ostroff Marie Beath Badian Juno Rinaldi Julie Stewart and Leah Doz Photo Credit by Racheal McCaigToronto’s Factory Theatre Age of Arousal: a play of capricious English accents at lightning pace

Age of Arousal: the title of the play by Linda Griffith, playing now at the Factory Theatre, arouses interest in itself. Not having any previous knowledge of the play going into it, I was extremely curious as to what sort of story was to unfold. I wish I could say, after over two hours in the theatre, I now had a better idea of the story and the arguments contained in Age of Arousal, but I could only decipher fragments amongst the sped up text and hollow quips.

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Review: Yours Forever, Marie-Lou (Soulpepper)

Photo of Yours Forever, Marie Lou by from Soulpepper

A tragic car accident sets the stage for Soulpepper’s Yours Forever, Marie-Lou in Toronto

When the lights go down on Soulpepper’s production of Yours Forever, Marie-Lou, the soothing sound of traditional bagpipes greets the audience. Soothing, that is, until it suddenly turns into the roaring squeal and impact of a car crash. It is the first, but not the last, of the unexpected, well crafted, and chilling turns in Yours Forever, Marie-Lou, now playing at the Young Center for the Performing Arts.

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The Winter’s Tale (Leroy Street Theatre)

imageToronto’s Leroy Street Theatre opens their season with Shakespeare’s play The Winter’s Tale

A tale of misperceptions and revelations, Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale explores how the smallest jealousies, true or false, can change the course of lives and kingdoms, how fate can exploit and forgive us, and how our actions unfold far into the future. Leroy Street Theatre’s production of The Winter’s Tale at Unit 102 lives up to it’s mighty themes, creating a beautifully raw depiction of the tale.

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Jeffery (Capricorn 9 Productions)

rehearsal 1Toronto’s Capricorn 9 presents Jeffrey a play set in the ’90s during the AIDS crisis

Jeffery is a play by Paul Rudnick that tells the story of a gay man who has sworn off sex while living in New York amid the AIDS crisis in the ’90s. The script both embraces and defies the stereotypes of gay men at the time. Capricorn 9’s production of Jeffery at Red Sandcastle Theatre has plenty of distractingly rough edges but, at times, it still manages to find the confusion and exuberance of the era.

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The 10/10/10 Project (Bismuth Theatre) 2015 Toronto Fringe Review

photo of cast of 10:10:10

The 10/10/10 Project, presented by Bismuth Theatre at Factory Theatre Mainspace as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival, is based on a unique concept. It can be easy to feel lost when watching such a conceptual show, but once I accepted that and went along for the ride, I experienced a fascinating exploration of writing, music, and dance.

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Perceptions of Love in the Pursuit of Happiness (Three Five Productions) 2015 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of cast of Perceptions of Love in the Pursuit of Happiness

What is your definition of love and happiness? How do we expect love to be, and how are these expectations enhanced or shattered when we arrive at our destination? How do we look at the relationships of others, and how much do we care how they look at ours? These are the questions brilliantly posed and thoroughly explored by Three Five Production’s Perceptions of Love in the Pursuit of Happiness, playing now as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival.

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