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Review: Tales of a City by the Sea (Canadian Friends of Sabeel)

Play tackles the precarity and uncertainty of life and love in Gaza

Tales of a City by the Sea (Canadian Friends of Sabeel) is a play about how life can exist in the midst of death, and how ordinary human activity goes on in the midst of great destruction. It is also the story of two extremely ill- fated lovers, Rami and Joumana, set in the world’s largest open air prison, Gaza. Continue reading Review: Tales of a City by the Sea (Canadian Friends of Sabeel)

Review: Dock Mother God Society (Blood Pact Theatre)

There might be a bit too much to follow in the script, but the acting will keep you captivated the whole way through

Dock Mother God Society by Blood Pact Theatre, playing at Grand Canyon, is a difficult one to pin down. I can’t tell if the piece, written and directed by Bryce Hodgson is profound, or if it only feels profound.

Ed (Mark Paci) has been thrown out by his wife for drinking. He’s staying with his godmother Bev (Elizabeth Saunders) until he can get back on his feet. They have quite the relationship – capable of caring and loving for each other, but also of irritating each other to no end. Continue reading Review: Dock Mother God Society (Blood Pact Theatre)

Review: Horseface (Alex Dallas)

Taking on the patriarchy one joke at a time, comedian Alex Dallas hits all the right notes

Horseface is a wickedly funny one-woman show by Alex Dallas playing at Red Sandcastle Theatre. It responds to the #metoo era but also goes beyond it. It is an irreverently black comedic take on one woman’s life from the 70s until now.

Although Dallas’ story is a personal one, every woman can relate to her experiences. Being objectified or receiving unwanted male attention or having to squeeze in next to a manspreader on the train are pretty universal experiences for women.

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Review: Monday Night Lights (Sex T-Rex)

poster for Monday Night Lights

Monday Night Lights is an, unscripted sports melodrama presented on the last Monday of every month by Sex T-Rex at Bad Dog Cafe. Every show works with the framework of a loose narrative set around high-school melodrama in a town where sports are king, and everything revolves around what happens at “the big game.”

The episode I attended kicks off with callers dialling into a radio station to express their excitement over the big game. They hoping nothing happens to the star player, who, right on cue, is abducted by aliens.

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