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Scotch Tape – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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For the Biscuit Theatre, in association with the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival, presents “Scotch Tape“, running from July 4-14th at the brand new Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre in Leslieville. Scotch Tape follows the story of Maggie, a famous vlogger and social media influencer who has made a career out of sharing her life on the internet. And it all looks perfect: the dream job, newly engaged, millions of subscribers. Her life is absolutely perfect — or so we are led to believe. Through editing her own content and videos, Maggie can cut-and-paste what she chooses to put on the internet. But in the form of a theatrical play, with a live audience instead of viewers hidden behind a computer screen, there is no option for editing. The audience sees it all: Maggie’s word flubs, mistakes, off-colour commentary. Watch as Maggie films her videos from start to finish, while slowly coming to terms with the dangerous truth of her relationship — uncut, unedited, and revealing much more than she would ever actually put online.
Scotch Tape speaks to a generation of millennials who were raised by the internet, are guilty of falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, and who constantly compare themselves to who they see on social media. But equating likes to self-worth comes at what cost?

Scotch Tape is Marryl Smith’s debut as a solo performer and playwright. After facing a lot of unexpected changes in her life this past year—quitting acting, running away to the South of France, falling in love, falling out of love (thank God), learning French but forgetting who she was—Marryl has found herself again, and her love of theatre. Life handed her lemons, and her lemonade is this one woman show. “I wrote this play for me, but I am performing it for every woman who has felt like her story was being told by someone else.” Together with director Clarice Goetz, this dream team of feisty ladies are here to take back the narrative.

Official Scotch Tape Trailer:
Press Release Photos:

Purchase tickets online:
By Phone: 416-966-1062
In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe. Located in the Hockey Rink at 275 Bathurst Street (Dundas + Bathurst)
July 4 – 10:15pm
July 5 – 7:45pm
July 6 – 1:30pm
July 9 – 8:00pm
July 11 – 9:30pm
July 13 – 6:45pm
July 14 – 4:15pm

Ether – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Stranded in the unknown space between life and death, a shocking secret has come to light. Join the cast of Ether on an unsettling journey from this realm into the beyond, where past regrets come back to haunt us. In a room with no entrances or exits, the characters must navigate the defining moments of their lives, but can they outrun their shame forever? Exploring the relationship between morality and the afterlife, Ether unites an unlikely group of women to confront the betrayal and inaction that may have cost them their lives. Perhaps they can brave this limbo together.

Loosely based on the life and observations of playwright and actor, Brendee Green (best known for her recurring role on Global TV’s Rookie Blue), the characters of Ether are firmly rooted in her experience as a queer woman in 2019. Though the events of the play have taken on their own narrative, Ms. Green voices her unique perspective as a caretaker, minority, and domestic partner through her characters’ unusual journeys. A vehicle to examine questions of identity and self-acceptance in an uncertain moral environment, the production demonstrates the challenges and social expectations of womanhood from the 1950s to present day.

From the creative minds behind Spadina Museum’s 2018 immersive horror-opera, The Medium, comes a highly anticipated collaboration between directors Brandon White and Shannon Mills of White Mills Theatre Co. Ether marks the company’s first departure from opera since its inception, as well as their Fringe Festival debut. A shocking journey into the unknown, Ether is certain to transport audiences beyond the limits of life and death.

Who You Callin Black Eh? – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Wherever Our Heroine goes, she is not Black Enough nor White Enough to find her people. In Who you Callin Black Eh? Our Heroine does not live in the utopian world that is non-racist, non-sexist, multi-racial, and colour-blind that many twenty-somethings claim is their world.

Who You Callin Black Eh?, world premiere at the Toronto Fringe 2019, is a coming of age/identity play set in Canada’s largest, most multicultural, multilingual city, that is not about sexuality, but about colour. Our Heroine is slowly pushed to the unstable brink of personality disorder, colour disorder.

Playwright/Producer Rita Shelton Deverell, broadcaster, theatre artist, and Member of the Order of Canada, says: “I grew up in the US South pre-civil rights legislation. I’m black and that’s that. But I’ve discovered that for many young people, biracial young people especially, black or white is not the end of their story. Shadism is their reality.” The play is written for 5 actors, 21 scenes, and many masks in colours and shades.

Who you Callin Black Eh? boasts an award-winning Ensemble: Director Clara McBride, lecturer at Ryerson School of Performance, teacher in the MA program at RADA, Director “How to Beat Up Any Man” by Carol Zoccoli at the Second City; Designer Jim Plaxton, 8 Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Design, Associate Artistic Director for Theatre Passe Muraille in the mid 1980’s; Actor/stage manager Clayton Batson, two episodes of “Paranormal 911”, Gallery 44 and Artscape Youngespace, Featured artist at 2018 exhibit “Exposing Liminalities”. Actors: Jessica Bowmer, “F*cking Perfect”, Best of Fringe 2018, Theatre Performance Scholarship and Academic Excellence in all studio classes award, Humber College; Brendan Chandler, “Spirit Horse” Pa/Grandfather, Roseneath Theatre, “Almighty Voice & His Wife” Voice/Ghost, Theatre Kingston; Chattrisse Dolabaille, High Society Cabaret’s “The Silent Goodbye”, Mysterious Entity Theatre’s “The Blind Eye”; Jason Pilgrim, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Stage Centre Productions, “Ghostbusters: The Movie Experience”; and Iliana Spirakis, one of the creators and performers of the devised Fringe Festival show “F*cking Perfect”, Best of Fringe 2018; Musician: Osaze Dolabaille who has been performing and teaching African percussion for 18 years.

Toronto Fringe 2019 Performance Times – Factory Theatre Studio Thu 4th Jul, 10:15 pm; Sat 6th Jul, 6:45 pm; Sun 7th Jul, 1:00 pm; Tue 9th Jul, 8:00 pm; Thu 11th Jul, 5:45 pm; Fri 12th Jul, 4:15 pm; Sun 14th Jul, 12:15 pm

Elbow Room – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Elbow Room, a debut theatrical production from playwright Lana Lovell, of Gloria Grethel Productions, opens at the Toronto Fringe Festival on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 8:15pm in the Annex Theatre

The one act play is directed by veteran actor Conrad Coates (Star Trek: Discovery, Degrassi: The Next Generation), and features performances from a cast of burgeoning multi-racial Toronto actors.

Elbow Room unites a group of actors at an audition for the lead role in a remake of the iconic “Cleopatra Jones,” Black exploitation film. The women of Elbow Room are ensnared in the competitive nature of the scenario, and find themselves trading barbs, information and insights as they jostle for psychic position.

“I’ve elbowed my way into this audition because I’m the person to play Cleopatra Jones”, says Nancy, the play’s antagonist. Together with her frenemy, acting rival Saada and newcomer Kia, tension boils hot as they revisit past differences, all the while giving the casting assistant, Hanna a bird’s eye view.

“This is a story rooted in women’s pursuit of excellence. The rivalries, victories, injuries and absurdities in Elbow Room provide a glimpse into that space where women experience growth as they become their better selves.” Lana Lovell, playwright.

During the past 20 years, Lana Lovell has written, directed and produced documentaries and factual based pro-grams for CBC, Bravo television, and Omni Television. Since 1985, Conrad Coates has acted in theatre, film, television and radio and performed in over 60 stage productions across the continent. Elbow Room is his third directorial opportunity.

Gloria Grethel Productions
Elbow Room
Producer/Writer Lana Lovell
Director Conrad Coates

Elbow Room runs from Thursday, July 4 to Sunday July 14, 2019
July 4, 8:15pm
July 6, 1:15pm
July 8, 3:45pm, R
July 9, 9:15pm, R
July 12, 6:30pm
July 13, 2:30pm
July 14, 6:00pm
Please note that latecomers will not be accommodated, except at relaxed performances (R).
Annex Theatre
736 Bathurst St
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1Z5
Tickets are available for purchase at:

In Waking Life – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Spicy Day brings the silly and supernatural with In Waking Life at
the Toronto Fringe

This July, Spicy Day presents the “side-splittingly funny” In Waking Life at the Toronto Fringe Festival. The hilarious and heartwarming play will be performed in the Crow’s Theatre studio space in Leslieville for seven performances between July 4 and 14. This is the first time a Fringe venue has extended East past the Don Valley Parkway.

A partially-improvised comedy, In Waking Life follows two psychic
sisters as they welcome you into their business and their lives. Fortunes are told, dreams are dissected, and love matches are made as the Synsk Sisters fix all of your problems (and ignore their own).

Having received rave reviews everywhere it has been performed since its 2016 debut, In Waking Life has been described as “Wild, high energy, and intimately memorable […] an emotional roller coaster from its goofball beginning to its shell-shocking end” (Showbill Victoria), and “A cavalcade of non-stop action” (Apt613).

Spicy Day is an Ottawa-based theatre company founded by Lauren
Welchner and Monica Bradford-Lea. Often working in diverse styles and in non-traditional performance venues, the company seeks to create unique theatrical experiences, using humour and heart to provoke conversation about topics we don’t often see on stage. In just three years operating as a company, Spicy Day has created five brand new theatrical productions and presented these works at Fringe Festivals across the country. This will be Spicy Day’s first time at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

In Waking Life will be presented at the Crow’s Theatre studio space, 345 Carlaw Ave, from July 4 to 14. Tickets can be purchased at or at the door.
Performance Schedule
Thurs, July 4 / 6:45pm
Sat, July 6 / 10:15pm
Mon, July 8 / 4:00pm
Wed, July 10 / 5:45pm
Thurs, July 11 / 4:15pm
Sat, July 13 / 8:30pm
Sun, July 14 / 2:30pm

Swallowed Whole – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Irrelephant is proud to present its first staged sketch comedy production! “Swallowed Whole” at the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival is a collection of sketches from the mind of surreal artist Rachel Parry, premiering Friday July 5th and running through til Sunday July 14th at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse. We are extremely pleased to be providing full ASL and Deaf Interpretation on our Monday July 8th show.

Swallowed Whole features a collection of relatable (and occasionally hateable) characters inspired by actual human people as well as stereotypes and tropes that are in abundance in society today. Rachel (and, later Chris O’Bray) spent some time in 2018 working with writer/producer Bruce Hunter in developing various comedic stories, a few of which have evolved into these sketches. About the process of writing “Swallowed Whole” Rachel says “The writing experience, at least for this show, was like screaming long into Nietzsche’s abyss until it screamed back into me.”

Rachel Parry is an accomplished visual artist in the realm of acrylic on canvas. Her work has been displayed in galleries, cafes, bars, and in people’s personal collections all over Toronto. Chris O’Bray is a film/TV and theatre actor who has appeared in CBS’s “Star Trek: Discovery” and on stage as Ash in “Evil Dead: the Musical” at Mansfield’s Cabaret in Oshawa – a 3 month run that goes down as Oshawa’s longest-running musical! Carly Telford is a Toronto-based award-winning director (“Beard Cover” TO Short 2019) and actor. Raechel Fisher is a lover of theatre, music and above all else, a nice hearty slice of her mom’s pecan pie.

Irrelephant Productions in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents Swallowed Whole by Rachel Parry, starring Chris O’Bray, Carly Telford and Raechel Fisher. Stage Managed by Jennifer Vieno.

Venue: Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse 79 St. George Street, Toronto ON (Accessible venue).

Tickets: $11+$2 service chg.

Fri Jul 5, 8:15pm ($6 + $2 service chg. preview performance)
Sun Jul 7, 1:15pm
Mon Jul 8 6pm (ASL Interpreted performance)
Wed Jul 10 10:30pm
Thur Jul 11 5pm
Sat Jul 13 6:45pm
Sun Jul 14 8pm

Tickets available online and by phone now. or 416-966-1062. Tickets also available in person during the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe. Located in the Hockey Rink at 275 Bathurst Street (Dundas & Bathurst).

Boy Falls From The Sky – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Jake Epstein Solo Theatrical Debut at Toronto Fringe

Toronto, Ontario… Jake Epstein and Derrick Chua are thrilled to announce the World Premiere of Epstein’s autobiographical tale Boy Falls From The Sky: Jake Epstein Live at Supermarket, playing as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival, July 3 – 14, 2019. Performance venue Supermarket is a vibrant restaurant and bar, located in the heart of Kensington Market at 268 Augusta Avenue (just south of College Street), Toronto.

He’s been “that guy from Degrassi”, starred in US National Tours of Spring Awakening and American Idiot, played Spider-Man on Broadway in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark and originated the lead role of Gerry Goffin (Carole King’s husband) in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Not bad for a kid who dreamed about performing on Broadway in the back seat of his parents’ minivan on their annual family road-trip to NYC. But the thing about dreams is, they don’t always go as planned. Through a series of funny and revealing stories and songs, ranging from touring the US, to surviving Spider-Man, to enduring steroid shots and Broadway Boos, Epstein shares the rejection, stage fright and heartbreak behind a seemingly successful career in this showbiz tell-all. For anyone who’s ever tried to go after their dreams.

According to Epstein: “I’ve spent my life going after my singular dream of doing musicals on Broadway. And what’s crazy is that I achieved that dream. But the reality is that going after your dreams can be complicated and filled with disappointments. This show is my attempt to turn those disappointments into theatrical moments of joy and humour. I love story-telling and I thought this was a good story to tell. And you might even laugh.”

Boy Falls From The Sky is directed by Robert McQueen (Selected directing credits: Fun Home, Life After, The Wild Party, Falsettos, Caroline, or Change, The Light In The Piazza (Musical Stage Company), The Immigrant (Harold Green Jewish Theatre), Man of La Mancha (Stratford Festival)), music directed by Daniel Abrahamson (Musicals include: Stars of Mars, Funny Business, Girls End, Act Now and Hugh and I. Musical direction for Drayton Entertainment, Magnus Theatre, Ryerson Theatre School, Bluewater Playhouse, Toronto and Edmonton Fringe Festivals), and produced by Derrick Chua (Selected credits: Mary’s Wedding (Crow’s), Music Music Life Death Music (Tarragon), Obeah Opera (Young Centre), I’m Doing This For You and Oh My Irma (International Tours)).

Boy Falls From The Sky: Jake Epstein Live at Supermarket

Supermarket, 268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Thur July 4 at 7:00 pm | Fri July 5 at 5:00 pm | Sat July 6 at 7:00 pm | Sun July 7 at 4:00 pm**|Wed July 10 at 7:00 pm** | Thur July 11 at 7:00 pm | Fri July 12 at 5:00 pm | Sat July 13 at 7:00 pm

Tickets: $13.00. Fringe Box Office: 416.966.1062 or

Company Website:

**These performances will be ASL Interpreted



Jake is a Toronto based actor, singer and writer. He originated the role of Gerry Goffin on Broadway in the Tony nominated hit Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, and survived a year as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. On tour, he has performed in most major theatres across the US starring in the Tony winning hit Spring Awakening (Melchior) as well as Green Day’s American Idiot (Will). Off-Broadway, he starred in the New York Times critics pick Straight. Selected Toronto credits include Billy Elliot (Mirvish), Therefore Choose Life (Harold Green, actor and co-writer, Broadway World Award), Dog Sees God (Michael Rubinoff) and two Ross Petty Pantos. He is best known for playing Craig in Degrassi for which he won a Gemini Award. Recently, he spent two years playing Chuck in Designated Survivor (starring Kiefer Sutherland, ABC) and Brian in Suits (USA Network), in addition to numerous other film and tv credits. Graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.


Robert is an Associate Artist with The Musical Stage Company for whom he has directed Fun Home (2018 Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Outstanding Direction), The Wild Party, Falsettos, Caroline, or Change and The Light In The Piazza. Additionally Robert directed the premiere production of the Musical Stage/Canadian Stage co-production of Life After (2018 Dora Award for Outstanding Direction) as well as ReFramed, a MSC collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario and You Are Here a co-production with The 1000 Island Playhouse. Other recent directing projects include the New York premiere of Forest Boy, a new work by the Scottish writing team of Claire McKenzie and Scott Gilmor, The Magic Flute for Vancouver Opera, La Boheme for The Canadian Opera Company; Where Elephants Weep at the Chelna Theatre in Phnom Penh, Carousel for the Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo; The Immigrant for the Harold Green Theatre and Man Of La Mancha for the Stratford Festival, as well as Associate Directing the Broadway and North American companies of Mamma Mia. Robert has worked on the development of new musicals and opera in both Canada and the US for companies that include Yonge Street Theatricals, The Canadian Musical Theatre Project at Sheridan University, The Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver Opera, Canadian Opera Company, CAP21, NY and the O’Neill Centre, Connecticut.


Daniel is a performer, composer, and musical director. His musicals include Stars of Mars (CMTP 2018/19, Off-Sheridan 2019), Funny Business (Toronto Fringe 2007, Diesel Playhouse, Bluewater Playhouse, Richmond Hill Centre, Bread and Circus, Vaughan City Playhouse) published by Samuel French, Act Now and Hugh and I (Patron’s Pick Toronto Fringe 2011 and 2014). His one woman musical Girl’s End debuted to rave reviews in Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe summer 2016. Musical direction for Drayton Entertainment, Magnus Theatre, Ryerson Theatre School, Bluewater Playhouse, Toronto and Edmonton Fringe Festivals. He is a member of the 2020 class of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre workshop and recently sold out a concert of his songs at 54 Below, both in NYC. Upcoming; Sam Phillips/Musical Direction for Million Dollar Quartet in Port Hope, ON, and another cabaret at Birdland Theatre in NYC. and insta @danieljohnabrahamson.


Derrick is an award-winning theatre producer and entertainment lawyer. His recent productions include Stephen Massicotte’s Mary’s Wedding (Crow’s Theatre), Adam Seelig’s Music Music Life Death Music (Tarragon Theatre), Haley McGee’s I’m Doing This For You and Oh My Irma (International Tour), Nicole Brooks’ Obeah Opera (Panamania) and numerous shows in Toronto, New York and Edinburgh. Derrick is co-founder and Core Artistic Team Member of Studio 180 Theatre. He is chair of Groundling Theatre, sits on the boards of CanadaHub, The AFC, Theatre Museum Canada and fu-GEN Theatre, and co-produces 120 Diner’s Sunday Night Cabaret Series. He is the recipient of a Dora Award, a Harold Award, Now Magazine Award as Toronto’s Best Indie Producer and Canadian Actors’ Equity Association Honorary Membership for his Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts.

Toronto Fringe Accessibility Priorities – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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June 24, 2019 (Toronto, ON) – Ontario’s largest theatre festival is entering its 31st season this year and is making the festival more accessible than ever for its 90,000+ patrons. With increased box office accessibility, website tools, comprehensive venue accessibility information, a communications overhaul, and changes to staffing and hiring practices, Fringe’s goal is to better reflect our commitment to independence and dignity for all, including Deaf, Mad and disability-identified patrons.

Working with Accessibility Ontario document expert, Barbara Moody, Fringe has published its first fully accessible, screen reader-friendly Assisted Performances Supplement. The Assisted Performances Supplement, a companion to our Fringe Program Guide, highlights the 35 companies offering 84 individual Audio Described, ASL Interpreted, or Relaxed performances.

View or download the Assisted Performance Supplement here.

The Toronto Fringe is committed to creating an inclusive experience for all patrons, staff, volunteers and artists. Fringe continues to work with the community to identify, prevent and remove barriers so a fulfilling experience can be enjoyed by all. Fringe is grateful to the Metcalf Foundation for supporting the organization-wide access initiatives.

What else is the Fringe doing to make a more open, accessible festival?

Fringe welcomes people with disabilities who are accompanied by a personal support person. Personal support workers will be welcomed for free.

Priority seating is available for patrons to ensure good sight lines for ASL Described shows, for those who need a little extra time to get to their seats or for any other access need. Patrons are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes before to ensure early access.

Service animals are welcome in all areas of our venues that are open to the public. If you frequently travel with a service animal, you can now include that information in your Fringe box office account.

Detailed accessibility information will be available on our website for each main venue and POSTSCRIPT, the Fringe patio. Information includes door widths, ramp specifications, and accessible washroom details. General accessibility information for site-specific venues can also be found online.

These guides help patrons get acquainted with a venue before they visit. The guides will be available online for all main venues, some site-specific venues, and POSTSCRIPT, the Fringe patio. They include directions to the venue and information on what patrons can expect when they get there.

These items, including weighted blankets, fidgets, and noise-dampening ear muffs, are available for anyone that needs a little extra support processing all the excitement at POSTSCRIPT, our busy Fringe patio.

All points of service at the Fringe are now equipped with magnifying tools as well as pen and paper. At performance venues, Fringe staff let patrons know that seating is beginning through visual signage as well as an audio call. Staff and volunteers receive training on serving patrons with disabilities.

Patrons can now update their box office accounts with information about their access needs online or over the phone. This information will be used by Fringe’s Box Office and Front of House teams to better serve patrons with access needs.

Fringe Executive Director, Lucy Eveleigh, says: “For the last few years The Toronto Fringe has made access for all a priority, it is included in our values and our strategic plan. It is very simple – when we say we want our Festival to be inclusive, we mean it. We know that we still have a long way to go and we are open to feedback along the way, but we are striving to find ways for everyone to be a part of our Festival and we will do the work to ensure that can happen.”

A Note About Fringe Venues:

Venues, including main and site specifics, have varying degrees of physical accessibility.

Some patrons may experience barriers (due to ramp inclines, lack of automatic doors, etc.) even at the most accessible of venues depending on access needs. To better serve our patrons we seek to provide the most up to date and accurate information about our venues so that patrons can make informed decisions. To that end, detailed access information about main venues will be available online during the festival.

The Fringe is striving to identify and choose the most accessible venue options available in Toronto within our means while also encouraging our existing venues to meet and exceed AODA requirements. This is an ongoing process and we appreciate feedback and suggestions from the public.

While developing these programs and policies, Fringe has relied heavily on input from Deaf, Mad or disability-identified “Fringers.” Fringe always welcomes and actively solicits feedback, as we strive to make the festival more accessible.

Read the Toronto Fringe’s Accessibility Manifesto here.

Read the Toronto Fringe’s Accessibility Policy here.

Icarus – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Fly with Arrowwood Theatre Co. at the Toronto premiere of ICARUS 

For anyone who has ever had their heart broken, their dreams crushed, the wind knocked out of them; for anyone who has failed, fallen or just flubbed: this one’s for you.

As unavoidable as falling is, getting up, dusting off your wings and flying once again is never quite as easy as it seems. ICARUS, a new play by the Windsor, Ont.-based Arrowwood Theatre Co., looks at what it means to fail and what it means to try again. Flipping between a modern- day group of friends and the world of ancient Greece, ICARUS investigates the ways we get burned every day, but more importantly — the ways we pick each other up. The show takes a new look at the classic tale, viewing the story through fresh eyes and a modern perspective.

What began as a five-minute undergraduate project has since transformed into a full-fledged theatrical production. With the aid of several movement techniques, the show was collectively created by the cast of five actors tapping into their own experiences. The adaptation employs various physical and movement-based techniques, including Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints and Steve Paxton’s Contact Improvisation, a dance technique which has since been adapted for theatre.

These movement techniques are what brought Arrowwood Theatre Co. – a new theatre company with a major focus on physical theatre and the reimaging of classic folklore – together. It was created by five University students to challenge audiences with thought-provoking, yet accessible, movement theatre. Previously, two of the company’s founding members, Simone Matheson and Kiera Publicover, have had original devised work premier at the 2018 Dark Crop Theatre Festival in Belmont, Ont., respectively: Here and There (Seven Sisters Theatre Co.) and Barbra at the Beach (Basil + Time Theatre Co.). The company hopes that utilizing contact improv and the Viewpoints technique through the vehicle of the classic Greek story will encourage more appreciation of physical theatre and open doors to new theatre-goers.

“I do not necessarily know how / But that’s alright / I am ready to strap on my wings and try again.”

Arrowwood Theatre Company In association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents: ICARUS Featuring: Simone Matheson, Haiden Lyle, Kiera Publicover, Cullen MacNaughton, Kyra Scarlet Stage Managed by: Shae-lynn Applegate

Opens July 4th-13th Al Green Theatre (750 Spadina Ave.) 

Performances: July 4th, 10:30pm; July 6th, 7:30pm; July 7th, 5:00pm; July 9th, 1:00pm; July 11th, 3:30pm; July 12th, 9:45pm; July 13th, 5:45pm.

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

 Purchase online: By Phone: 416-966-1062 In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe

The Taming of the Shrew – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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 The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Aquarius Players presents a site-specific 90 minute production of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. Performed at St. George the Martyr (30 Stephanie St., Toronto) The Taming of the Shrew runs July 3rd – 14th, evening performances at 7pm and weekend performances at 2pm with Monday dark. Tickets are $11 are available online or by phone (416-966-1062) or at the Festival Box Office (275 Bathurst St., Noon-10pm) or cash only at the door one hour before performance time.

The Taming of the Shrew is set in Padua, Italy. The play begins with Lucentio of Pisa and his servant Tranio arriving to go to university when they observe a strange sight: Signor Baptista is being hounded by his two neighbours because he has two daughters eligible for marriage. Hortensio and Gremio are both vying for the younger Bianca and want nothing to do with the elder Katherine, whom they consider ill-tempered. But until the elder is married, Bianca is off-limits, so they agree to try and find a suitor for the angry shrew. When they leave, Lucentio declares his love for Bianca and forgets all about his studies. Instead he switches clothes with his servant and instructs Tranio to present himself as another suitor under his master’s name while he tries to win Bianca’s love disguised as a tutor. Then Petruchio of Verona arrives to visit his friend Hortensio and tells him that his father has passed away and he is looking for a wife. When Hortensio informs him about the rich but scolding Katherine, Petruchio wastes no time in presenting himself to Baptista convinced that he’s the man to tame her. Shakespeare’s comedy seems inspired by stock characters of commedia dell’arte as applied to a classic folk tale.

The Taming of the Shrew is directed by Nicole Arends, with text adapted by Chris Coculuzzi, Costume Design by Elaine O’Neal, and Stage Managed by Kate Dowdall. This production features Chris Coculuzzi as Petruchio and Alexandra Milne as Kate. It also features Daryn DeWalt as Gremio/Vincentio, Scott Moore as Baptista, Chris Irving as Hortensio/Pedant, Elaine O’Neal as Grumio/Widow, Paige Madsen as Tranio, Michael Pearson as Lucentio, Greta Whipple as Bianca, and features the sax-playing talent of Christina Leonard as Biondello.

About Aquarius Players
The name Aquarius Players was designed to embrace a group of artists coming together under an agreed creative project. For purposes of this production, the genesis came from a creative collaboration between director Nicole Arends and adaptor Chris Coculuzzi. Both have a history of site-specific productions at the Fringe dating back to 2001. And the last collaboration between Arends and Coculuzzi was a production of Hamlet (Upstart Crow, 2001).