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Preview: Write Club (WRITE CLUB Toronto)

Write Club

A literary death match to tell your friends about on stage at The Garrison in Toronto

When Catherine McCormick threatens to assault you with chicken bones, you pay heed. Write Club Toronto’s Chief Whip doesn’t mess around.

The third Tuesday of every month Catherine McCormick and Alicia Merchant, the demure foil to McCormick’s brazen bullhorn, host Write Club, a live literary event, at the Garrison. Write Club Toronto is an off-shoot of its Chicago parent event, created by the acerbic and hilarious Ian Belknap. Continue reading Preview: Write Club (WRITE CLUB Toronto)

The World of Supernumeraries

It’s Toronto’s chance to get on stage with the Canadian Opera Company with an open casting call for supernumeraries

I’m happy to say that I attended my first opera not too long ago when I saw Tristan & Isolde on opening night at the Four Seasons Centre. As much as I loved it, I still felt like I had so many questions about the opera and the mechanics of creating such an intense production. For a show that was as minimalist in terms of set, costume and sheer number of bodies on stage as Tristan was, I wondered how even bigger productions function.

Enter the leaflet for the open casting call for supernumeraries at the Canadian Opera Company. I saw it at nearly the same time that my editor asked me if I would be interested in developing a story about the supernumeraries, or “supers”, of the opera world. Continue reading The World of Supernumeraries