Toronto Theatre Reviews

Slow Death (By Marie Lambin-Gagnon at the AGO)

Installation is full of “joyous chaos” but invites thoughtful consideration

Slow Death is a visually stunning dance installation that took place at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on March 4 & 6. The performance is a joyful movement (I would say romp, but romp implies fast movement which this piece was not) surrounded by shimmery, brightly colored fabrics and paper.

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Review: The Runner (Tarragon)

Photo of Gord Rand in The Runner by Cylla von TiedemannPowerful, complex remount of Dora-winning play arrives in Toronto

***NOTE: The rest of run has been cancelled to respect social-distancing requests around COVID -19

In The Runner, a remount of the 2019 Dora winner for Outstanding New Play presented by Tarragon Theatre, Jacob (Gord Rand) wakes up in a liminal space of shadow and spotlight, confused, unable to remember what has happened to him. As the pieces fall back into place, the space appears more and more to be one of judgment. Jacob attempts to remember, and to justify his life and actions, while constantly in motion on the eerie white stripe of a treadmill that bisects the darkness.

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Review: OIL (ARC)

Picture of Bahareh Yaghari and Samantha Brown in OILOIL is “even more timely than when it was originally published.”

***NOTE: The rest of run has been cancelled to respect social-distancing requests around COVID -19

ARC celebrates its 20th anniversary with the Canadian premiere of OIL by British playwright Ella Hickson, directed by Aviva Armour-Ostroff and Christopher Stanton.  OIL tells a 150-plus-year-old story of the fossil fuel industry as it changes around a mother and daughter.

OIL tells the story of a mother, May (Bahareh Yaraghi), and her daughter Amy (Samantha Brown). The play follows their relationship over five time-periods and locations. All told, the story takes us from England to the Middle East over 150 years of history – from the advent of the fossil fuel industry to an imagined post-petroleum world.

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Review: US/THEM (BRONKS Theatre Company / Mirvish)

School siege dramatized on stage in Mirvish’s US/THEM

US/THEM tells the tragic story of the 2004 Beslan school siege from the point of view of the children inside. Not through the naive and innocent portrayal we most often see, but through the inquisitive, creative and detail-oriented child-like personalities that we all know and love. As the program states: “Children understand everything.”

US/THEM first premiered in Belgium in 2014 and has been performed all over the world in multiple languages. The English version is brought to Toronto by the BRONKS Theatre Company, Richard Jordan Productions and Off-Mirvish Theatre in the CAA Theatre. Continue reading Review: US/THEM (BRONKS Theatre Company / Mirvish)

Review: The Events (Necessary Angel Theatre Co.)

Photo of Raven Dauda and Kevin Walker in The EventsOur reviewer describes The Events as “a show I experienced in my stomach.”

The most disturbing truth about bad events is the impossibility victims face in trying to make it make sense. Piecing together every single, marginal component of the world, just trying to understand.

Necessary Angel Theatre Co.’s production of The Events playing at the Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre picks at the monstrous events of the Norway shooting to find logical answers.

One heart-aching performance later, there is the sad realization there is no logic to be found.

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