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Reviews of productions based in Toronto – theatre includes traditional definitions of theatre, as well as dance, opera, comedy, performance art, spoken word performances, and more. Productions may be in-person, or remote productions streamed online on the Internet.

Stand Up Monkey Poet – Matt Panesh (Fringe 2008 Review)

Review by Megan Mooney


Okay, so, lets just get things started here by saying…  GO TO THIS SHOW.  Seriously.  It’s a wonderful thing to behold.

Whether you agree with Panesh’s views or not, his passion and energy are infectious.  Plus, the whole thing is bloody hilarious. 

I debated about whether I should put a warning about ‘strong language’ after the jump.  I decided I would, because if you can’t deal with ‘strong language’ you’re not going to enjoy this show, so you may as well skip the rest of the write-up.

Now, onto the bad words… 

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Damages (Toronto Fringe 2008 Review)

Review by Megan Mooney


Review of Damages(Note:  This is a longer version of my write-up on blogTO. The blogTO write ups include write-ups from multiple reviewers on multiple shows, check them out!)

I think this is a good play, but not executed as well as it could be. The two main actors in the show are veteran actors, I would put money on most people recognizing them. But there was something missing.

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Exciting Times Ahead

by Megan Mooney

Well, theatre in Toronto is heating up for the summer (ha ha, get it? summer? heat? man, I’m just sooo funny).

There’s the Dora’s next Monday, a great celebration of theatre in our fine city. The trick is, will we all be awake enough to go since it’s right after the Pride parade.

Then there’s the Fringe festival July 2 – 13, which I have heard being affectionately called “summer camp for grown ups”.

Then in August there’s the Summerworks festival August 7-17.

Plus, of course, there’s all sorts of other non-festival things going on.

Gotta say, I love this city!

The Glass Eye at LuminaTO

Review by Erin Klee

I met Louis Negin, co-creator and solo performer of The Glass Eye (which played at this year’s LuminaTO festival), in a coffee house a couple months ago.

We discovered each other under the best of circumstances; I knew nothing of him, and he knew nothing of me. We had each glanced up from our morning coffees and noticed the other. (He had disheveled white hair, inquisitive eyes, and a newspaper; I extricated myself from a backpack heavy with books and an ever-present laptop computer.) We both smiled. I can’t recall who spoke first.

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