Exciting Times Ahead

by Megan Mooney

Well, theatre in Toronto is heating up for the summer (ha ha, get it? summer? heat? man, I’m just sooo funny).

There’s the Dora’s next Monday, a great celebration of theatre in our fine city. The trick is, will we all be awake enough to go since it’s right after the Pride parade.

Then there’s the Fringe festival July 2 – 13, which I have heard being affectionately called “summer camp for grown ups”.

Then in August there’s the Summerworks festival August 7-17.

Plus, of course, there’s all sorts of other non-festival things going on.

Gotta say, I love this city!

0 thoughts on “Exciting Times Ahead”

  1. I know! Summer theatre in Toronto is so great!

    “Summer camp for grown ups.” Funny. I’ve never heard that nickname for the Fringe. Though I have heard it called “The Russian roulette of theatre.”

  2. It so totally is the ‘Russian Roulette of Theatre’. Sometimes, when it misses, it misses so much you feel like your soul is bleeding. Okay, well, that’s a tad melodramatic, but yeah, whoa.

    I was trying to explain to someone that they could, if he wanted, with no experience, submit for fringe, as long as they had the registration money. And at that point he’d have just as much chance as any of the other applicants. He basically didn’t believe me. I assured him that it was a lottery process, there was no jury, no curation, just plain old draw a name out of a hat.

    Honestly, I think the complete and utter disbelief is an indication of the whole ‘theatre is elite and complicated’ mentality. He assumed that to be involved at all you would need experience and education. I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels the same way about being an audience member, which is why he never goes to the theatre.

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