The Canadian Comedy Awards have won me over

By Megan Mooney

I wasn’t sure I wanted to trek all the way to Saint John for the Canadian Comedy Awards, but I’m glad I did.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the awards, and this has been a great way to celebrate that.  The Imperial Theatre in Saint John is beautiful and provides a pomp and circumstance that the awards deserve. 

In the world of arts awards, comedy often gets short shrift.  It’s as though established awards don’t think that comedy is artful enough.  Let me tell you though, comedy?  Not an easy thing to pull off.  There were an incredible number of very talented people nominated this year, and they worked their asses off to get there. 

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Nursery School Musical- Fence Post Productions

by Lucy Allen

Kylee Evans and Diana Coatsworth in Nursery School Musical 2009

Last night I found myself in somewhat of a miserable mood. Work was stressful as usual, I forgot money for the TTC ride home, and to top it off I was fighting a useless battle against a cold that’s filled my head with goo. Why am I boring you with these mundane (and gross) details? Because Nursury School Musical, currently playing at the Berkeley Street Theatre, made all of these things fly from my mind. Continue reading Nursery School Musical- Fence Post Productions

Secrets of a Black Boy – Trey Anthony Productions

By Megan Mooney

Darren Anthony, Shomaru Downer, Samson Brown, Al St. Louis

In case you don’t stick around for the whole review, let me just get this out there… Secrets of a Black Boy (Playing at the Danforth Music Hall) is a great show with a really short run, and I have a feeling it’s gonna be a popular one. So, why don’t you buy your tickets right now, figure out the rest of the details later.

Now, onto the review…

Fundamentally, theatre is about voyeurism, and watching this show is voyeurism at it’s finest. We see the secrets that these men seem to barely be able to tell themselves, let alone anyone else. Throughout the show an external bravado displayed during a farewell game of dominos before a community centre is torn down is contrasted by internal vulnerabilities that are disclosed only to the audience.

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Mimi, or A Poisoner’s Comedy – Tarragon Theatre

by Sam Mooney

Mimi, or A Poisoner's Comedy

The world premiere of Mimi, or A Poisoner’s Comedy, now playing at Tarragon is very funny. Clever music and lyrics, strong performances from all the cast, and an outrageous subject all combined to deliver an entertaining evening. As I’m writing a snippet of the song “Pigeon Pie” is running through my head. I’m pretty sure it’ll be there for days.

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The Refugee Hotel – Alameda Theatre Company

By Megan Mooney

Juan Carlos Velis, Beatriz Pizano and Leanna Brodie

I had to steel myself for this one.  I was convinced that Alameda Theatre Company’s world premier of Carmen Aguirre’s The Refugee Hotel was going to kick me in the gut.  I was convinced that I was going to feel dragged down by the whole thing.  And, don’t get me wrong, the piece is by no means what I’d call “easy”, but the heart-wrenching content is nicely balanced by a great deal of humour.

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