Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009: Returning to Lilith

From Press Release

Below is the press release for Returning to Lillith, a Toronto Fringe show full of sordid secrets, emotional baggage & potential necrophilia! We dare you to not read on!

Seventh Circle Theatre presents


A new work for the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival

At the George Ignatieff Theatre

Seventh Circle Theatre, initiated by emerging queer playwright Jonathan van Ekelenburg, student of David Copelin, and director Donia Sawwan, who studied under Daniel David Moses and Judith Thompson, is a theatre collective based in St. Catharines, Ontario. They’re known for their cerebral, dark and emotional work, and their tendency to delve into what makes people human, be it repulsive or beautiful. This year they examine the notion of destructive love, welcome death and undesired life.

In Returning to Lillith, the immortal parents of humanity have come to an impasse. Ages after leaving Eden, Adam and Eve reside in suburban ennui. Adam, an undertaker, is sick of ushering the world he helped create into death, while Eve is desperate to experience life to the fullest. When Adam’s first wife Lillith winds up on his coroner’s table, he begins to question the point of his immortality. Torn between Eve and Lillith, Adam must choose between a life he’s no longer sure he wants and a death he doesn’t know how to face.

Returning to Lillith

George Ignatieff Theatre, 15 Devonshire Place

Fri, July 3 – 10:30 PM | Sun, July 5 – 3:30 PM | Mon, July 6 – 6:45 PM

Wed, July 8 – 4:15 PM | Thu, July 9 – 1:45 PM | Fri, July 10 – 9:45 PM

Sun, July 12 – 1:00 PM

Tickets: $10 | The Fringe Hotline (416) 966-1062


See you at the Fringe!