The Drowning Girls – Tarragon Theatre

By Sam Mooney

The Drowning Girls

Go see The Drowning Girls

(My editor says that isn’t enough of a review so…)

The Drowning Girls is a joint production of Tarragon and Bent Out of Shape Productions and it’s wonderful.  Energetic, vibrant, funny, and very wet.

By the time I arrived at the theatre the only seats left were in the front row and there were signs on the back of each seat – Splash Warning.  It’s a very watery set but I managed to stay dry.

The fabulous cast: Beth Graham, Natascha Girgis, Daniela Vlaskalic, are wet for the entire performance.  They leap in and out of bathtubs, stand under showers, slide on a wet floor, and change into wet dresses, stockings and veils. As well as water the bathtubs contain a treasure trove of props.

It’s a very physical show, the three women really do leap in and out of the bathtubs.  They also dance, sing, and each play multiple characters.

I was on my own so no play partner’s opinion but I loved it.  I loved everything about it. The actors, the play, the set, the lighting, the water…

If you can possibly manage it go and see The Drowning Girls, even if you have to cancel something else. Having said that, some performances are sold out, and there is limited availability for others.


The Drowning Girls is playing at the Tarragon Extra Space (30 Bridgman St) until November 13
– performances Tuesday thru Saturday at 8 pm
  Saturday and Sunday matinee at 2.30
– Ticket prices stat at $19.00.  Student and Senior tickets are available. Friday night rush tickets are $10.00
– Tickets are available online, or a the box office – 416-531-1827

Photo of Beth Graham, Natascha Girgis, Daniela Vlaskalic by Cylla von Tiedemann