The New Section of Mooney on Theatre, and the New Groundswell Festival

There’s a new part of Mooney on Theatre in the works.  It’s in its infancy, but it’s been born.  It’s a section called “Behind the Scenes”.  I’ll get into it in more details at another time, but the gist is, this will be a side of MoT that caters to industry folks (well, all readers who are curious about industry stuff really).

That includes things like me auditing workshops to give folks a flavour of what they can expect if they decide to take something like it.  And, to just generally give people an idea of what kind of stuff is out there that they can draw on.

Which brings me to this week…

This week I’ll be participating in three of the five different Master Classes offered as part of Nightwood Theatre’s the New Groundswell Festival Industry Series.  I’m going to write about my experience each day, in a journal-like style, starting tonight.

The classes I’ll be taking are:

  • “Say it, Shout it, Move it” a playwrighting class taught by Judith Thompson
  •  “the sorplusi methodology” about the sorplusi method and how it is used in creating art taught by d’bi young
  • “Director as Dramaturg” addressing how to be your own dramaturg while directing a show, taught by Nina Lee-Aquino

It’s too late to sign up for “Say it, Shout it, Move it” however, if you’re interested in the other two, or in one called “Visceral Playwriting” you can still sign up.  Class prices range from $75 – $150.

If you’re interested in other aspects of the festival, which includes industry panels and readings of new works, you can check out their website.  You can also poke around Mooney on Theatre, we’ve already written up the show Between the Sheets.

Stay tuned for daily journal entry updates on my experiences in the classes I’m attending.

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