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Adelina has enjoyed theatre from an early age when one of her elementary teachers cast her in school play. That was the beginning of Adelina's passion for theatre. She then pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Arts followed by a Bachelor of Education degree. She continues to be actively involved in community theatre, dance and loves to put on productions with her students! As a writer for Mooney on Theatre, Adelina feels she is very fortunate to go out and see fellow performers on stage as their work continues to inspire her.

Mabel Moon Meets the Milky Way (Farm Girl Productions) 2012 Toronto Fringe Review

Energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining, Mabel Moon Meets the Milky Way magically transports children to the world of black holes and distant galaxies. As part of Toronto FringeKids, Farm Girl Productions is one of the many theatre companies plunging into the realm of children’s theatre.

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I Became My Mother (Triennacom Entertainment) 2012 Toronto Fringe Review

At this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, the one-man comedy show, I Became My Mother, charmingly blends music, media and storytelling in a fast paced evening of theatre. Produced by Triennacom Entertainment, written, directed and performed by Cleve Jones himself, the show is a personal and humorous reflection on Jones’ journey into fatherhood.

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Review: Lost in Yonkers (Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company)

Family relations and mental health issues are explored in Lost in Yonkers at Toronto’s Jane Mallet Theatre

Having grown up with older siblings, I’d revel in the joys of popular reruns, starting with my all time favorite, Happy Days. You can imagine how thrilled I was to be seeing the adorable and maternal “Mrs. C” in the upcoming role of Grandma Kurnitz in the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company’s current production of Lost in Yonkers.

Neil Simon’s timeless story playing at the Jane Mallet theatre combines an enduring script, great acting and some touching and comical moments. Continue reading Review: Lost in Yonkers (Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company)

Love Notwithstanding (A Vancouver Co-Op)

Views on life, love and relationships can be found in Red Sandcastle Theatre’s Love Notwithstanding in Toronto

Set in the intimate venue of Red Sandcastle Theatre and written and acted by accomplished performer Grant Tilly, Love Notwithstanding gives us an up close and personal glimpse of a relationship at its crossroad.

Combining the talented efforts of two established Toronto actors with a story most people can relate to at one point in their life, this production is engaging and accessible. Continue reading Love Notwithstanding (A Vancouver Co-Op)

Review: The Real World? (Tarragon Theatre)

The Real World? brilliantly captures a dysfunctional family at the Tarragon Theatre

This is by far one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in years. Tarragon Theatre’s recent production of renowned French-Canadian playwright Michel Tremblay’s The Real World? is an example of outstanding theatre.

Phenomenal acting coupled with an intriguing script and intelligent staging make The Real World? intensely raw and unforgettable. Continue reading Review: The Real World? (Tarragon Theatre)

Review: Aguas/Water (Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company)

Get lost in the movements of Aguas/Water playing at Toronto’s Harbourfront

Petite in stature, but strong in nature, Esmeralda Enrique gives us yet another mesmerizing performance in her new work Aguas/Water showcasing at the Harbourfront Centre in the Fleck Dance Theatre. Accompanying her is her ensemble of dedicated and talented dancers from the renowned Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance company.

As Canada’s most celebrated Flamenco dance artists, Enrique continues to bring creative insight, passion, and vision to her work. As one audience member commented during the “Q and A” this evening, “Esmeralda, I love you! I love all of you!” Spoken like a true Flamenco aficionado, this is a testament to Enrique’s enduring commitment to bringing the heritage of Flamenco to audiences.

Together with prominent Flamenco dancers, vocalists and musicians from Spain, Enrique creates for us an absolutely outstanding evening of theatre! This isn’t just about impeccable foot work. It is about uniting dancer and musician, costumes and lighting, to create a truly incredible and authentic experience. Continue reading Review: Aguas/Water (Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company)

Review: Heart Strings -The Musical (MOLE productions)

MOLE productions’ Heart Strings is an endearing, sweet Canadian musical

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the friendly stage crew who led us to our table. Cozy, intimate and dream-like, the pub atmosphere of the Annex Live was an ideal space to set this love story.

Heart Strings, an original Canadian musical written by Reynold Nathaniel, tells a story of aristocrat Sir William and his determination to provide his wife, Victoria with the perfect anniversary gift – a marvelous musical machine known as the Phono-Liszt Violina.

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Review: Fresh Blood (The Chimera Project)

14 diverse dance pieces compete for best choreography at Harbourfront’s Fresh Blood show

Now in its 13th season, under the direction of Malgorzata Nowacka, The Chimera Project is a prominent contemporary dance company striving to bring contemporary dance to its audiences through innovative themes and performances.

Presented annually at the Harbourfront Centre in the Enwave Theatre, Fresh Blood features the immense talents of emerging dance artists in fourteen uniquely choreographed pieces. From quirky and playful solo pieces to the precision of ensembles, this fast-paced show left me hypnotized from start to finish. Continue reading Review: Fresh Blood (The Chimera Project)

Review: This Wide Night (Mermaid Parade | Red Sancastle Theatre)

Mermaid Parade’s This Wide Night in Toronto offers a moving story and brilliant performances about two female ex-prisoners

Honest, humorous, and heartbreaking is just what This Wide Night is all about. Presented by Mermaid Parade in a storefront on Queen Street East, home of The Red Sandcastle Theatre, it provides the most authentic atmosphere to set this powerful drama.

Combining well-developed characters, and raw and moving performances, This Wide Night reminded me not only of the constant struggle of ex-offenders to re-build a life of their own again but how great writing and great acting is sometimes all you need to tell a story. Continue reading Review: This Wide Night (Mermaid Parade | Red Sancastle Theatre)