Review: Pandora (Fawn Chamber Creative)

Pandora blends opera and ballet to explore the tale of the classic myth, on stage in Toronto

Pandora, by librettist James Brock and composers Joseph Glaser, Kit Soden and David Storen was my first Fawn Chamber Creative show. I am astonished that I did not know about this company before, but I am glad I am in the know now. Their current production Pandora (musical direction, Adam Scime, stage direction, Amanda Smith) is an opera-ballet inspired by the Pandora myth. The opera unfolds in a vignette by each of the three composers, with all three libretti written by Brock. Continue reading Review: Pandora (Fawn Chamber Creative)

Review: Marienbad (Toronto Dance Theatre)

Internationally-acclaimed queer dance returns to the Toronto stage

Marienbad, produced by Toronto Dance Theatre, recounts the tender, turbulent relationship between two queer men through free-form movement and dance. It’s written and performed by TDT Artistic Director, Christopher House, and two-time Governor General’s Award- winner for English Drama, Jordan Tannahill. If you’re interested in artists who strive for emotional authenticity by breaking away from linear storytelling, this might be for you.

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Review: Prophecy Fog (Theatre Centre)

A woman holds her hand to her head.

Entrancing, Intimate and Challenging: Prophecy Fog Opens in Toronto

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and intimate performance this weekend, look no further than Jani Lauzon’s Prophecy Fog, on at the Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St W) until May 26. Produced by the Theatre Centre in collaboration with Paper Canoe Projects, in association with Nightswimming.

The history of Giant Rock is fascinating and sad. At the heart of Lauzon’s story is a question: “can a site still be sacred if it has been desecrated”? But at its narrative core, Prophecy Fog is the story of Lauzon’s journey to Giant Rock in the Mojave with her daughter. Continue reading Review: Prophecy Fog (Theatre Centre)

Playlistings for the Week of May 20th, 2019

Shows that Caught Our Eye in Toronto for the Week of May 20th, 2019.

MoT is here with fabulous suggestions for the theatre-goer in you! Spring has finally arrived, and so has Toronto’s busiest theatre season. Take a look at our list below and we guarantee you’ll find your next theatrical obsession! Our editor Samantha is on hand with her top picks in red

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Review: Shanawdithit (Tapestry Opera/Opera on the Avalon)

Tapestry Opera presents the premiere of a landmark Canadian-Indigenous in Toronto

Musically and thematically Tapestry Opera and Opera on the Avalon’s world premiere Shanawdithit is a testament to the possibilities of new opera. While the story is historical, it explores the subject of colonization in a manner that is very much in contrast to opera’s history of romanticizing, exoticizing or orientalizing non-Western European cultures. Continue reading Review: Shanawdithit (Tapestry Opera/Opera on the Avalon)

Review: I Swallowed a Moon Made of Iron (Canadian Stage)

Canadian Stage presents a tribute to Chinese poet Xu Lizhi to Toronto audiences

A beautiful ode to the late poet Xu Lizhi, I Swallowed a Moon Made of Iron gives a voice to migrant workers, expressing the hidden lives and hardships of those working in grim factories in Shenzhen, China. Presented by Canadian Stage at the Berkeley Street Theatre Njo Kong Kie performs, produces, composes and directs the musical and theatrical mix.

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Review: Lillies; Or, The Revival of a Romantic Drama (LemonTree creations/Buddies in Bad Times/Why Not Theatre)

A reimagined production of the classic, Queer, Canadian play is now on stage in Toronto

Capping off their 40th season, Buddies in Bad Times has reimagined a queer theatre classic that is ambitious and creative, but I don’t think it quite hit the lofty goals it aims for.

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Write for us! Coverage of the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival


Cover Toronto Fringe with Mooney on Theatre!

Mooney on Theatre is looking for folks to review shows at the Toronto Fringe Festival, which runs from July 3 – 14, 2019.

In many ways, Fringe Festivals embody what Mooney on Theatre holds dear: making theatre more accessible. The Fringe features inexpensive shows attended by a wide range of people, many of whom are not theatregoers the rest of the year.

With this in mind, we put an intense amount of effort into providing as much coverage of the Toronto Fringe Festival as we can. To get an idea of what that coverage looks like, check out the Fringe Festival category on this site.

Among other things, this coverage includes reviewing each show in a relatively substantive way by the end of the first weekend. This task takes a lot of writers. Each year, to make it happen, we bring on additional contributors. Maybe this year that will be you.

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Review: Welcome to My Underworld (RARE Theatre Company/Soulpepper)

photo of Bilal Baig in Welcome to My UnderworldToronto’s Rare Theatre Company presents a collection of plays featuring marginalized voices

Welcome to My Underworld is like a theatrical collection of short stories. Playing at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto’s Distillery District, these nine poignant plays give voice to many untold experiences, under the direction of change-maker Judith Thompson. Continue reading Review: Welcome to My Underworld (RARE Theatre Company/Soulpepper)