Review: Thou Shalt Not COVID Thy Neighbour’s Wife (Next Stage Community Booster 2021)

Photo of Christine Estima

Thou Shalt Not COVID Thy Neighbour’s Wife, written and performed by Christine Estima, is one of the stories presented as part of the Next Stage Community Booster.

Storytelling is hard. Everyone in the audience probably has different expectations; some want a ‘performance’ with lots of movement and vocal and facial expressions. Others may want intimacy, a gentle voice, accompanied by a seated body leaning towards the audience. Estima is more towards the performance end of the scale, without being over the top.

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Preview: Together/Apart (Opera Atelier)

Old meets news as Opera Atelier ventures into this brave new world of virtual performance with Together/Apart on May 20 at 8 PM, EST. Together/Apart is a one-hour virtual showcase of music and dance to connect, uplift, and inspire — featuring an all-star line-up of Opera Atelier’s longstanding and audience-favourite artists from around the globe, streaming at . All 14 artists on the program have personally curated their performance selections with an eye to sharing the joy and power of the creative experience during this extraordinary time.

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Virtual Shows and Concerts for the Week of April 20, 2020

Virtual Shows that Caught Our Eye This Week

Another week at home! We are all adjusting in the best ways we know how. The snow though? What is that all about?!? And our littlest has decided that every day is a pajama party. Lots of baking has been done – and eaten! – and the kids are having tonnes of fun getting involved in the kitchen too, so fun hands-on learning win!

Each week brings about more going on in the digital arts world, and the online offerings provide a broader range of theatre and concerts to participate in. Mooney on Theatre is excited to be able to provide information on as much of what is going on as we can. Here are this week’s varied performance options. Please keep checking back here on the regular to see if there’s anything new coming up. 

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Feature: The Corona Variations (Convergence)

Photo of a telephone by Fei Peng Hu

In the past several years, a phone call has begun to seem almost invasive, the unhappy middle between in-person nonverbal cues and the ability to carefully craft one’s sentences in text. Now that we can’t be in the same place, and screens are tiring and omnipresent, perhaps it’s time for a resurgence. Convergence Theatre’s The Corona Variations, written and directed primarily by Julie Tepperman, is theatre inspired by our current anxieties about the world around us and the changes to our lives as we knew them. It’s theatre that “phones home.”

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