'Night, Mother – Soulpepper Theatre

Review by Adam Collier

Before I began reviewing theatre, I had a few stints as a teacher. To coax the kids into the best performance possible, I remember repeating this chestnut: You already have a perfect grade, all you have to do is keep it.

These words came to mind as I sat down to watch Soulpepper’s production of ‘Night, Mother. Its set and soundscape set a standard of near perfection from the get-go. I can’t remember what my expectations were before walking in the theatre, but after getting there they immediately shot-up.

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The Glass Eye at LuminaTO

Review by Erin Klee

I met Louis Negin, co-creator and solo performer of The Glass Eye (which played at this year’s LuminaTO festival), in a coffee house a couple months ago.

We discovered each other under the best of circumstances; I knew nothing of him, and he knew nothing of me. We had each glanced up from our morning coffees and noticed the other. (He had disheveled white hair, inquisitive eyes, and a newspaper; I extricated myself from a backpack heavy with books and an ever-present laptop computer.) We both smiled. I can’t recall who spoke first.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream at LuminaTO

Review by Maarika Pinkney

Midsummer Night's Dream at LuminaTO

When I entered the Canon Theatre, my expectations soared through the roof. I was about to see an international, highly acclaimed performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at LuminaTO!

There was fabulous jungle gym set (though only exposed once Act II commenced) and three drum kits at the sides of the stage just waiting to be played. Once the play began the lighting was done so perfectly it portrayed every emotion and separated each location flawlessly. There were also large hanging cloths and ropes hanging from the ceiling, just teasing me with visions of Cirque de Soliel-esque acrobatics.

However, despite being thoroughly impressed by the set and lighting design, I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy what happens to be my favourite Shakespeare play.

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Black Watch – Luminato 2008

Review by Sam Mooney

Go see Black Watch! If you’re reading this on Friday morning – June 13 – there are 5 more performances. The play is based on interviews with soldiers – a tank crew – who served in Iraq with the Scottish Black Watch Regiment.


It’s an amazing theatrical experience. It’s funny, and sad, and horrifying. There’s singing and dancing, some quiet moments, and a lot of action.

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BLiNK at Soulpepper Theatre (LuminaTO)


A few months ago I remember seeing an image of two men, one stood menacingly over the other. He had a big rock in his hands and his arms were wound-back over his shoulders as if he were about to smash the other man’s head. After attending BLiNK, this image came back to me. I wondered about how that photo, taken in Kenya at the peak of recent violence, affected its photographer.

BLiNK is a new collective creation by the Soulpepper Academy about photojournalism presented as part of LuminaTO. Its narrative touches on the mechanics of the business, the blurry relationship between military forces and photographers (ostensibly during the American invasion of Iraq), the morally ambiguous exploitative relationship between subject and photographer (especially when the subject is a civilian in a war zone), and most significantly, on the emotional impact of the job.

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Can't wait for the real thing

by Megan Mooney

As is to be expected with these things, the launch of this puppy (aka website) has been a bit rocky. There’s a number of contributing factors, ranging from there being no time to breath, to a lack of available breathing time.

Unfortunately that means that there hasn’t been a ton of content up lately, and also, the layout is still the very very basic layout/design we started with. But not to worry my fine friends! Soon there will be a new design! Soon there will be new content! Soon there will be new… no, wait, that’s about it, new design, new content.

The new launch will be this weekend, so that we can coincide with all the great stuff being put on by LuminaTO and make sure we’re live for Fringe.

This of course will not be a ‘final’ version. First of all, it’s the web, there are no final versions, but also, this is a growing baby, we’ll be tweaking it along the way – so, if you have any suggestions or things you’d like to see, just let us know.

Stay tuned folks!

Two Stroke Roll

Review by John Bourke

Two Stroke Roll, part of Factory Theatre’s Performance Spring Festival, is a one person show written and performed by David King. There’s two different ways of looking at shows like this. On the one hand, it tends to be a very personal experience, almost voyeuristic; on the other hand, without the objective input of another person on a show, the singular focus can lead to someone perhaps not cutting or changing something that perhaps should. I mention this simply because Two Stroke Roll has a good chunk of focus, but could also benefit a little from some judicious cutting or changing.

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